Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just when you think you have heard it all an oil tanker gets hijacked by PIRATES!?

I thought this would be an appropriate theme song for today.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November will be better

Im so glad October is OVER! This has been the worst moth ever! It started out with my MIL needing surgery. It was scheduled for October 7th. On October 6th I get a call that I almost didnt answer from a lady that I didnt know. She seemed very nervous and there was complete chaos in the background. Shes asking for Bobby. I calmly say, hes not here, hes at work. She seems panicked now and telling me I need to get ahold of him that his moms house is on fire. I tell her ok and immediatly hang up, I still dont know who she is. I called walmart, and told whoever answered that I needed Bobby immediatly it was an emergancy, Bobby picked up the phone with in seconds and I told him " everyone is OK, but you need to go to your moms house NOW its on fire" (he ALWAYS tells me if there is something wrong to let him know people are OK first) He left and I start the process of trying to get a sitter for Ryleigh. I still didnt know the severity of the problem, but I knew if I was needed it wouldnt be a place I could take her. The phone rang several more times and it was the same lady wanting to know where Bobby was coming from, what he was driving etc so he could get through. My mom said she would take Ryleigh so as I was backing out of the driveway my cell rang, it was Bobby telling me he NEEDED me to come. I got to the hospital as the ambulance was pulling in. MIL was a mess to put it lightly. She was having panic attacks and her BP was sky high. After a few hrs in the ER she was discharged and went home with Angie. The house was a total loss. Surgery was postponed 2 weeks. She had it on Oct 21st. She was in a lot of pain. They removed a tumor from her face. On Oct 29th she had her follow up appt and they told her it was cancer.

So today is a NEW month and we are going from there. We are going to stick together and pray like we have never prayed before and together we will beat this beast called cancer. Ryleigh is not even 2 yet. She NEEDS her mammie for a long time still....