Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My silly girl

Yesterday Bobby was changing Ryleighs diaper. He took the diaper and was fanning her butt with it and she starting laughing so hard!!! Here is a video of it. This video was taken after he put the diaper on....I didnt want a naked video of her going around the

Since she is 6 mo. now I started giving her a sippy cup. She doesnt really know what to do with it yet. She throws it around, and chews on the handle of it. Every once in a while she will get the spout in her mouth and get a little juice out of it. Here are some pictures of her first sippy cup experience.

What do I do with this mommy?

Oh ok....let me try now

This is what you want me to do?

Bobby brought home a pool for Ryleigh yesterday. Its just a little baby pool for her, but its neat, because the bottom blowes up too, so its soft for her. Anyway here are some pics of her in the pool today

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1/2 Birthday

My baby girl is 6 months old today! I feel like I should throw her a party or something...or throw me a party for getting her this far....hehe.

She has brought so much joy into my life! Is amazing how much love a mother can have for her child!

She has grown so much in these 6 months. When we brought her home she ate, slept and pooped. Now shes smiling at everything, laughing at Bobby and I being silly, Rolling from belly to back, Reaching out for things, playing with toys. Transferring toys from one hand to the other., looking for toys that she drops on purpose of She uncovers her head when you cover it up. She bangs on things, eats her solid foods, babbles A LOT! when she starts talking its going to be non stop! I can see it Shes starting to copy sounds when we say them to. I tryed to get it on video, but recently whenever she sees your taping her she doesn't want to do it anymore.

Shes starting to sleep better at night on a regular basis now. Shes been getting up one time in the middle of the night, then again at about 6am. That's a lot better than getting up every 3 hrs! I love watching her grow and learn. Its awsome watching her do everything for the first time.

Here are some picture of her from this weekend.
The first time shes been in a pool. She liked it as long as Hunter wasn't swimming with her. He was splashing too much and she started crying :(

How cute is this girl?? I love this outfit too!

Mommy said this was just water....but I'm thinking its something else....I feel (She looks like shes drunk in this picture...I thought it was funny)

Ryleighs Hammock

Monday, May 28, 2007


I was at my moms house the other day and I found a coupon for Goody's. $10 off when you spend $10 or more. My mom doesnt shop there and no one else said they wanted it, so I took it. Today was the last day I could use the coupon and they had a ton of stuff on sale. My sister and I went over and I was looking for a bathing suit for Ryleigh. The one she has I have to stuff her whole body through the neck hole and it just isnt working out We get there and Rona, my sis, is getting a pair of pants. I didnt see any bathing suits for infants, so I asked Rona if I could give her the coupon and she could give me the $10 so I could look at a different store for a bathing suit. She got really mad and told me NO. WTH?? She was getting the pants anyway. I was SO MAD. I ended up getting Ryleigh 2 outfits just so I could use the stupid coupon and she I know that probally wasnt the right thing for me to do, and 2 wrongs dont make a right, but it sure felt good at the time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

Its been a weekend of ups and downs. Friday night we went to the funeral home to see Bobbys Aunt Nancy. Saturday we went to the funeral. In the Evening we went to JT's house for a cook out. JT is Bobbys best friend. We had a really good time. Its been a while since we have seen him. Today we went to a cook out at my SIL's house. We had a great time! Bobby and I got hair cuts and we ate some YUMMY food. I ate so much I feel Why do I do that? When we got home Bobby and I went for an extra long walk to burn off all that food we stuffed in out

Tomorrow my mom has the day off, so Ryleigh and I are going over Early and spending the day with her. Im so excited! Bobby has to work :( But he will meet us there later for dinner.

Hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend! Dont forget to take the time and remember the reason we have this day. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today is Harley's birthday. He is 3 years old now! He was the first dog I got! Choppers 2ND Birthday was 2 weeks ago on May 10Th. My baby boys are getting so big!

Here are some baby/recent pics of them
Harley 8 weeks
Harley 8 weeks
Chopper 8 weeks
Chopper 8 weeks

They Boys a couple days ago playing in the yard

My Husbands Aunt Nancy

Bobby's Aunt Nancy passed away yesterday. She has been sick with Cancer for quit some time now. About 2-3 months ago we were told that it spread to her brain and she has 3 months to live. She refused the 2nd round of Kemo. Shes in her late 70's and said she was just done fighting and wanted to go home. His cousin Kim, Nancy's granddaughter, moved in so that she was able to come home. Last week she tryed to get up without asking for help and fell and broke her hip. She was too weak to make it through a surgery. They let her come home and she had lots of Morphine. She passed away peacefully and without pain. She is in Heaven now watching over all of us. Here is a picture of Ryleigh when we went to the hospital to visit her on April 1, 2007. The bruising on her arms and face is due to her passing out and falling in the bathroom a week before.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being appreciated :)

Bobby came home yesterday and he said "Thanks" I said "For what" He said "for all you do. The house looks really good today. You got the paint out of my shoes and made them look like new!" It felt so good to be appreciated. Makes me want to keep the house clean more Hmmm...Maybe cleaning just once a week is good enough...hehe.

Unsolisited advice

Don't you just love when people give you advice when you dont ask for it??
While at my PT apt. Curt was asking me about what I do that aggravates my back. I told him when I get Ryleigh in an out of the crib I get sharp pains. Somehow that brought on the topic of her sleeping at night. I mentioned that she still gets up 3-4 times a night. (Every 3 hrs) Then he says "My son did that. You need to put a stop to that....we just let him cry it out. The first night he cryed for 2 hrs, the second night 1hr and the 3rd night 30 min. Then he was sleeping all night." I didn't say anything to him. I wanted to say "What the hell kind of parents are you letting your poor son cry for 2 freaking hrs!!!" To me that it child abuse! A baby as young as Ryleigh needs something when they cry! I don't care if shes getting up every 3 hrs! Obviously she needs me and shes hungry! I'm not going to make her starve till morning just because I want some sleep! I signed up to be a Mommy 24/7 and take care of her needs whatever they may be. If she wakes up and just wants cuddles, then lets cuddle!

Physical Therapy today

Today I started PT on my back. Its been hurting for a while now, and I finally decided enough is enough! I get there and the Physical Therapist, Curt, Explains to me what the problem with my back is. He said my disks are like Jelly donuts and they are inbetween the vertabre. When I bend over the jelly gets pushes to the back. Eventually that creates very small tears and creates a buldge. Which is what I have, 2 small buldges. He said I have to start sitting straighter and bending with my knees when I pick Ryleigh up. He put some electrodes on my back and I layed there for 20 min. Then he put this belt on me. It had big seat belt straps and 2 big coushions so it doesnt hurt when he tightens it. I put it on REALLY tight. Then he added another on on my chest. I guess he thought breathing was overrated, because I couldnt expand my chest! The top part on my chest had 2 straps that went behind me and hooked to something. The botton one had 1 strap that hooked to something. I lyed down on a special bed and he hit a button and the next think I know im being pulled! Thanks for giving me a warning there Curt! He gave me a button to push just incase it got uncomftrable and said I will see you in 15 min. That was it for that and I left. I have another appt on Friday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Anniversary!

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary! I had so much fun planning my wedding. I insisted doing it all on my own, with little help. I paid specific attention to every detail! I wasnt one of those bridezillas though. I picked a day that all of my bridesmaids could go to a small country bridal shop and I let them pick out their dresses. They ALL agreed on the same one. I loved it! I found my dress at a very expensive store in town. I called the lady that owed the country bridal store and she was able to order it at almost half the cost! It was so beautiful. My theme was Cinderella, and my colors were Lilac and white. I designed my own cake and found a lady that my mom knew to make it. She did an excellent job! The cake had a lighted castle for a topper and it had a porcelin Cinderella and prince charming figurine at the bottom of some steps. I had 3 flower girls because I jsut couldnt decide one 1. I had my neice, Olivia, my friends daughter, Anna, and a little girl I babysat, Brooke. I chose their dresses on Ebay. There was a lady that had her botique on there. They were $35 and looked identical to the styles of the dresses at the bridal shops for well over $100!!!! I made their flower girl baskets also. The 2 smallest flower girls wore white sparkly shoes. I couldnt find them in the oldest girls size though, so she just wore white shoes. My Ring bearer was my cousin Houstan, although he didnt participate in the He got his picture taken and that was about it. He saw all the people there and he clung to his dad! They were trying to get him to walk down and I said its ok....if he doesnt want to thats fine! He was so shy! Not anymore, thats for sure!

A little piece of usless information for you. I was married again on June 5th. When Bobby and I went to the court house to get the marraige liscense I didnt think to tell them I was getting married out of state. I didnt think it mattered and they didnt ask. How was I supposed to know? Anyway we found out our marraige wasnt "legal" So we had the pastor come to Bobbys moms house and we did another little I was upset about it because Bobby and I were virgins when we got married. But I believe in the eyes of god the marraige was legal! It just wansnt on paper. So on paper my wedding anniversary is June 5th.

Last weekend

On Saturday Bobby and I got up early and cleaned the house so we could spend the day outside. We took the baby out and put her in the exersaucer on the deck, in the grass on a blanket so she was near to us and we could talk to her. Bobby started off by cutting the grass, and I got the rack and started racking the pine needles. We have a 1.5 acre yard, and we wanted to clean it up a bit. After he cut the grass he brought the wagon over and we started putting the pine needles in the wagon and taking them and dumping them at the bottom of the yard. The we gathered up the sticks lying around and we started a big bon fire at the bottom of the yard in and old fire pit. (Yes we had a hose that reached all the way down there) After that My friend Kim came over with her daughter Haylee, 5.5 yrs, and her sister Meghan, 7.5 yrs. She brought Ryleigh a present! I have been wanting a swing for Ryleigh and she got the exact one I wanted!! I was so excited and Ryleigh LOVES it!! We had a cook out and then Bobby took the girls around on the wagon. They had a blast! They kept asking him to "do it again". We all had so much fun! It was a great day!

Sunday I woke up and noticed my left forearm had little red bumps all over it. Its poison ivy!!! Ugh.

My family came over Sunday afternoon and I made manicotti for them. Me, my mom, and sister were the only ones that ate it. Oh well more left overs. Bobby cooked on the grill for him and my dad. That was another really fun day!

Haylee and Ryleigh in her new swing

Haylee and Meghan screaming with excitement

Bobby taking the girls on a wagon ride

Me acting silly on Haylees princess

A Day in the life of Tiffany

Bobby came home yesterday and I was so excited to show him the pictures that I had taken of Ryleigh and the dogs. As I was showing him he says "a day in the life of Tiffany. So this is what you do all day."

He thinks that just because I stay home its all fun and games and I dont do anything, and it certainly isnt hard work! That is so far from the truth! Yesterday for example I started my day feeding Ryleigh, and then I played with her for a little bit. I walked around the house and picked up all the dirty laundry from Bobby and Ryleigh. Then I folded 2 loads of laundry from the weekend, washed 2 more loads and folded them. I straighted the kitchen, living room, dining room, comp. room and bedroom. Put away mine and Ryleighs clothes, Vacuumed the house, fed the dogs and gave them water. (They have to eat in their cages because Chopper eats special food) I also called the Dr about my back and I start physical therapy on Wed.

Anyway, here are some pics of the "kids" yesterday

Harley has a hold of Choppers (They were just playing though)

More wrestling

This is a video of Ryleigh laughing at the dogs wrestling