Friday, December 28, 2007

New layout and header

My friend Carly was asking me about a header. So I decided it was time to change mine. I found a winter layout and a winter picture of Ryleigh and started the header. Several frustrating hrs later its DONE!

Monday, December 24, 2007


To all of my Blogging friends and readers, I wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful christmas fill with lots of love and joy!


Bobby, Tiffany, Ryleigh, Harley and Chopper

PS I took pictures of her pictures, so if they are blurry or look weird thats why.


For the month of November Ryleigh was a winner at Photo Bug Baby. (the link is to the winners page, not sure how long her pic will be up there) Anyway, I only paid $2.50 to enter her, and we won all kinds of cool thing! A couple of big prizes have arrived, and I took pictures of them.

The first one is a wall plaque from Creative Name Signes. She did an amazing Job on Ryleigh's sign! I told her what the theme was in Ryleigh's room and sent her pictures of it. I am so so so happy to have it! I definitly recommend her to anyone that wants to add a little something to any room. She has all kinds of different things she can do and personalize. Shes truely an amazing artist.

The second one is a Pillow from Sites Designes. I got to pick the picture I wanted on it, the layout and I picked a poem to put on it. Today the finished product came in the mail! Its beautiful! I just love it!

Another prize was a shirt of my choice over at the Trendy Tadpole. I chose the cherry Blossom shirt. I didnt get to take a picture of it yet, because its wrapped and under the tree. Its such a cute shirt! I cant wait to wear it on her.

Im still waiting on a few more things to come in, and I will share them with you.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Early Christmas Present

Bobby got a call yesterday morning from a guy named George. The caller ID said Walmart, so I answered it.
me: Hello
Walmart: Is Bobby there?
me: Hes sleeping, do you need me to wake him?
W: You dont HAVE to, but I have great news.
me: Well sure then! Let me get him.

We have been waiting for this call for days and it finally came! Bobby gave me the thumbs up with a grin ear to ear! HES GETTING PROMOTED! And better yet, its with in his own store! That is something very rare. He is now going to be the Assistant manager at Walmart. We are so happy, and im so proud of him! He beat out hundreds of other people. The store manager likes him alot and didnt want to let him go, so he moved some things around and hes staying! Thats a blessing. The other store that interviewed him was about 45min-1hr away. So on top of his new 10hr days he would have spent another 2 on the road. Now hes only 20-25 min away.

The only sad part is he will be leaving town for 4 weeks. He woulnt be that far away, but far enough where he cant come home after training and drive back in the morning. But hes close enough that if the weather is ok Ryleigh and I can drive to him and stay in a hotel and go swimming for a night or so!

After that he will be home for 2 weeks, then back there for another 2. So all together he will be gone for 6 weeks.

The promotion doesnt take effect for about a month, but its still official!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling yucky. Ryleigh started crying and I asked Bobby to get her for me. He walked into her room and there was throw up all over her crib. She must have gotten sick at least 3 times in there. I don't know how we didn't hear her. We get her a bath and she wasn't hungry. Bobby took care of her all day while I was on the couch, bed or toilet. She wasn't too bad Tuesday. A little fussy, and not really having an apatite and a low fever but nothing major. Wednesday I woke up pretty much fine. I still want wanting to eat alot but other than that I felt a lot better. Ryleigh was worse. Very fussy, clingy, not wanting to eat or drink. Her overnight diaper (12+hrs) was not that wet. I called the Dr. and they told me to bring her in at 230pm. I brought her in and they weren't really concerned. I was rather upset. He wanted her to have a blood and urinalysis, so we went down to the lab. They did a finger prick and she did OK with it. They wanted her urine, but she hadn't peed yet. I explained to them that she was hardly peeing and I didn't want to sit there and wait for her to pee. They gave me a cup and told me to bring it back later on that evening. At 630pm the Dr. calls and said all her test came back fine. She at a piece of toast, but still wasn't drinking hardly anything. Her fever started to go up. I gave her Tylenol before she went to bed. In the morning her fever was 102. Her diaper was hardly wet, she was so fussy and didn't want to eat or drink anything. When Bobby got home we went straight to the ER. They gave her IV fluids, took 3 separate blood draws, put a catheter in her to get a clean sample of urine and did a chest xray. The ER Dr informs me that shes being admitted and she will bring me the paperwork and get us upstairs. 20 min later she comes back saying Ryleighs Dr changed his mind, as long as her tests came back OK. They all came back fine and we were sent home after 5 1/2 hrs with a follow up appt at 1250pm today. After the Dr.s today shes wanted to eat, so I let her. Tonight she had some veggies and a little bit of Jello. She saw the milk in the frig and started waving her hands (her sign for yes) i said "do you want Milk?" she waved her hands so I gave her a cup. She drank about 4 oz and wanted more. She drank about another 2oz. Then she layed her head on my chest and was holding her "silky" with one hand and sucking her thumb. She waved her hands at me and I said "yes what? You want to go night night?" She waved her hands so I took her into bed. She dove in! That's the first time shes ever demanded to go to Hopefully shes perking up. I miss my lil RyRy, but it was really nice to have all that cuddle time with her the past few days! Below is a pic of her from last night :(

Monday, December 17, 2007

Indoor Igloo??

I decided to make a tent for Ryleigh to see if she liked it. I remember being a kid, and putting the blankets over things and having my own hideout. I got 2 chairs, a sheet and drapped it across. She was having a hard time getting in and out, so I had an idea. I would get her little tunnel thing and make a doorway. It ended up looking like an Ryleigh had fun crawling in and out and playing with some toys in there. The dogs did too. here are some pic's.

Crawling out the ultra secret baby only door...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ryleigh's Birthday Pictures

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We are getting our first real snow of the season. I decided to get Ryleigh dressed and introduce her to the snow. She didn't do as bad as I thought and it lasted about 10 min! I got her sled out , bundled the dogs up, bundled her up, than threw my snow clothes on lightning fast before she realized she couldn't move in all her clothes and got I put her in the sled, pulled her around the house, then sat her in the snow. Heres some pictures of her and the boys.

I love this picture of

Snowy Chopper

Snowy Harley


Laura at Synchronization of us did this post and I thought it was neat. Here are some of the keywords people google and end up at my site. Some of them are just weird!

Most of them have something to do with Kaleb schwade. I wrote 2 posts about him back in July I think. And Ive been getting hits from all over. From people looking for things about him.

A day in the life of Tiffany
A day in the life of Tiffany Ryleigh
Apesatomy (I have no idea how that related to my blog...first off its spelled wrong, and second I didnt have one...hmm)
Little Moppetts
"doggie Funnies"
13 month baby prefers anyone but mom
15 month well baby
9 mo baby stares alot
A day of the life by tiffany
breast desktops (Um....WHAT??)
c447a8d337c61aee1ae434a7114b927b (Yes, someone really googled that and somehow ended up at my site!!?? but when I google it, I get nothing...weird)
Diaper Tiffany (hmm)
Tiffany in diaper pics ( getting scared)
My little life - Tiffany

Theres lots more. 78 in all, but you get the

Monday, December 3, 2007

Opening Presents

I think Ryleigh got to open 2..maybe 3 presents. Thats ok though, because it would have taken her forever to open them all! So here are pictures of the chaos...hehe.

Ryleigh watching the kids open her

Ryleigh watching the chaos and not wanting anything to do with it.

Cake Pictures

Here is the before picture of the cake.

My nephew, Hunter, walked by and looked at me while hes sticking his finger in the cake, like "are you going to yell at me" LOL. He was SOOO FUNNY! He took icing off the back and Ryleigh worked on the

Look to the right side of the picture...see the little finger stealing icing....yep that