Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ryleigh from 7-8 Months (Slideshow)

New Layout

I just customized my layout. It took several hrs and the help of a great friend, Jessica, who knows her way around PSP alot better than I do! Hope you like it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sandcastle Waterpark

Sunday I went to Sandcastle with my mom, Aunt Mecheal, Uncle Rick, and Houstan. We had a blast! I was the only one that didnt get burnt. That will teach them to re-apply the sunscreen more often...lol. Click here to see the attractions that we went on. We did the Blue Tubaluba, Mon-Tsunami wave pool, Wet Willies (with Houstan next year Ryleigh will be big enough for that...I cant wait!) lazy River, Cliffhangers, Thunder Run, Tubers Tower, and the Sandbar pool. We got there at 11:30am and didnt leave till after 6:30pm. It took about an hr and a half to get there.
Bobby kept Ryleigh for the day and he did a pretty good job for his first time keeping her all day long. I wrote him a list of directions...lol. He told me last night that he pretty much messed everything up, but at the end of the day she was still alive and doing fine...lol. I was pretty happy to have a baby free day. I havent had one of those since she was born, and probally woulnt have another for quite a while. I cant wait to take her with us next year. She loves the water, so I know she will love it!

My Moms Company Picnic/Best Shot Monday

Saturday Me, Bobby and Ryleigh went to my moms company picnic. We ate some good food, and mingled with some of her co-workers. Then we let Ryleigh play at the playground. She was swinging on the swing and went down the slide. Her new thing with the swings is to sit clear up at the front of the swing to where she is almost hanging out of it...lol. And she moves her legs like shes running. Shes so silly!

After that we took a paddle boat ride. She had to wear a life vest, which was tooooo funny! She sat there in her big life vest and didnt fuss at all. Even though she couldnt move at all in it.
After that we went to the zoo to ride the train. The conductor has an Ostrich Egg. It was 5lbs! He let my mom hold it while we rode the train. We took good care of "Henrietta".

After that Me, Bobby, Ryleigh, Tammy and Anna went to the pool. Boy was it COLD! Anna jumped right in and was fine. I was standing on my tip toes while everything below my waist went numb! Bobby sat on the edge of the pool and handed Ryleigh to me.
She didnt care that the water was cold either. Then I noticed her bottom lip was turning purple and it was quivering, so Bobby got a towel and held her on the side of the pool. I got out a few mins after that. Anna stayed in and showed us all of her tricks...lol.

Friday, July 27, 2007

New things

Yesterday and today Ryleigh has been getting lots of new thing. I am tying to get her on all table foods. Yesterday she had some Progresso Chicken noodle soup (Low sodium)with some crackers. Last night she had Hamburger helper Cheezy Hashbrown. She LOVED it and couldnt get enough of it. Today she had a waffle with a little bit of Butter for Breakfast and a half a grill cheeze sandwich and tomato soup for lunch. She LOVED the waffle and grilled cheeze, but wasnt to sure about the tomato soup. After a few bits she was fine, but still doesnt care much for it. Any ideas on some other things she could try? I need to get her some fruit at the store next week. Here are some pictures of her trying her new things.

MMM...Cheesy Hashbrown

Hmm, what is this. Its good.

I dont know about this soup mom.

Friday Fill - in

Ive decided to give this a try...

1. Yesterday I was home all day hagning out with my wonderful daughter.
2. Today I am feeding Ryleigh new thing.
3. Tomorrow I will be at the park for my moms company picnic! Its going to be lots of fun!
4. Someday I'm going to have a big house with a pool, and friends that actually call me. I can dream cant I?
5. I will never understand some people.
6. I might be going to sandcastle with my mom, Aunt, Uncle and cousins sunday weather permitting.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out with people who love me, tomorrow my plans include going to the park and Sunday, I want to go to sandcastle if its nice!
Don't forget...have fun!

Go check it out and do you own Friday Fill in

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leon's Great Adventure's

When I was on the phone the other day with Beverly she was going through some of her old photos. I found an old book that I wrote in 1990 when I was 9. I thought I would share it with you.

Leon's Great Adventure's

Written By: Tiffany

Illustrated By: Tiffany

Hi, My name is Leon and I like to eat people. I blow my pipe and everyone comes to me. I get mad if they dont hear it. I am a monster riding down the highway on a neon skateboard with a speed demon on it. If I stab people with my spikes they will turn into monsters. They will be one of me and do what I do. We split up the people and eat them whole. Let me tell you about the time I took over the world. We had so much fun. We had the biggest party ever. It was in Pennsylvania with five friends shopping. We walked into Baskin Robbins and took all the ice cream to the cave and had a big party. We then went back into the mall and turned all the people into baby monsters. We went to N.A.S.A place the baby monsters on a space ship and shuttled them to mars. Didnt I tell you that being a monster is wonderful? If I visit your community dont run, dont hide because being a monster is great! The End
I know your laughing....I was 9!...lol I was a big tomboy also. Now days if a kid wrote that, they would probally get them psychiatric help because they wrote about eating people and stabing them...lol.

Harley Update

We went to the vet this morning, and he has an infected absess. She shaved the area and cleaned it with soap and water. Hes on Antibiotics 2x a day for the next week. Hes doing better now. Ive already noticed a difference in him. Hes been playing a lot more and hasnt gone downstairs at all today.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Little Harley

About a week and a half ago Harley and Chopper were in the yard playing rough. Later that night I was scratching Harleys neck and there was a lump under the skin what was pretty big, and a scab on top of it. Since the lump had a scab I figured it wasnt a tumor or anything like that. My Jack Russell group also said everything was finw with it. I had avoided the vet. Monday night Harley didnt come to bed, which was unusual for him. He always sleeps at my feet. Tuesday he was acting weird. He was staying downstairs and not playing like normal. Tuesday night Chopper was licking Harleys neck where the scab was. I didnt think anything of it. Today when Harley jumped on my lap thats when I saw how bad it was. The hair is missing around the sore at least as big as a nickle if not larger. The sore is pretty deep and nasty looking. I asked my JRT group what they thought and they said he needed to be seen. I was really worried about how I was going to pay for it. One of the ladies said a rough est. was around $200!!! I made a comment about the vet taking payments. I got a private email off list from a group member telling me that they would take care of everything. They said give me the number to the vet and it will be taken care of! I started to cry when I read those words. This person doesnt even know me! They have never met me, never talked to me on the phone. We just wrote posts on the group site. I was amazed at how nice they would be to a stranger. Im still in shock. They dont even know whats wrong with Harley or how much it will cost to fix! Thank you god for nice people! So now the worry is gone and I get to take Harley to the vet tomorrow and get him fixed up. Thank you for that! The world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Directions are placed on the back of boxes, bags and packages. Why is it that Bobby doesnt want to use them. To me it just seems simple. It tells you what temp the oven needs to be set at. What to add to whatevers in the box/bag, and how long to cook it. Why would you not use it? And why is it always a fight in my house because he doesnt. He insists on not using it. Last night he messed up Kool-aid!!! I didnt think that was possible! I tasted it and it was really sweet. Here was the conversation
Me: Did you add more than a cup of sugar?
Bobby: No
Me: Did you measure the sugar?
Bobby: No
Me: than how do you know how much you added if you didnt measure it?
Bobby: I looked at it and it wasnt that much. Maybe I just didnt add enough water.
Me: Thats why there are directions on the package.
Bobby: I dont need them
Me: Well obviously you do, because the kool aid is nasty
Bobby: It tastes fine

Even when hes using the oven or stove, he never read the directions. He will set the oven at whatever temp he feels like it. And just keep checking it periotically. WHY?? Isnt it much simpler to set the temp and set the timer and it will ding when its done! He tells me "Well why do you let the directions rule your life" Its not that they rule my life, they just WORK. Why do I want to guess and have to run back into the kitchen to see if its done all the time. So does anyone else have this problem? Do you use the directions?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pajama Day

I declaired today Pajama day in my house. I didnt have to go anywhere and I just didnt want to do anything. You ever have those days? I think we all need one every once in a while. I stayed in my p.j.'s all day and pretty much did nothing. I did take care of Ryleigh though. She tends to scream when shes not fed and changed...lol. (Note the sarcasm) One thing I did today and enjoyed very much was having a 3-way call with Beverly and Jessica B for 3 hrs 15 min. I couldnt believe I was on the phone that long...lol. It had to of been a record! Im not usually a talking on the phone kinda girl. After that I played with Ryleigh some more and enjoyed the day. About 15 min before Hubby came home I did run around the house straigtening everything up so he didnt think I was a slacker all day...lol. I cant have him knowing the only thing I accomplished was emailing, IMing, checking Myspace, and writting Blogs now can I? hehe


This is a picture of Ryleigh from last night. She was tired, but not quite ready to go to bed. She was holding her blanket and playing with the fabric while sucking her thumb. I love watching
her do that! You can see the tired look in her eyes. Now go check out Picture this for more best shots!

Singing in the car

Yesterday Bobby and I were in the car. The song Umbrella by Rihanna came on and we were singing. The chorus part comes on and Bobby is singing "Under my arm forever ever ever ever" I starting cracking up laughing. He said "What!" I said "Its not under my arm forever, its under my UMBRELLA!" He said "Oh, thats stupid" LOL

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spoiled Rotten Dogs!

My dogs are so spoiled! They sleep in the bed with Bobby and I. They cant sleep under the covers, they have to sleep either on top of the covers or somehow manage to get on top of the sheet and under the blanket! This makes it almost impossible to roll over and pull the covers back over me! They cant sleep near Bobby, they have to be by me. Last night I has some baggy shorts on. I wake up in the middle of the night and I cant roll over. Chopper was right behind me. I tryed to reach around and move him and figured out he was DOWN MY SHORTS!?? I dont know how he managed that, but I had a heck of a time getting him out. He was comfy and didnt wanna move! He kept giving me this rolling growl that said "come on mom im tired laeve me alone!" (Not a mean growl) Finally I got him moved and put him under the covers and he culed up next to my chest. Awww. Hes such a cuddler! Harley only cuddles on his terms. he rarely ever lets me lay and cuddle with him like Chopper does. He will fall asleep in my arms and stay there for hrs. This is expecially good in the winter when its cold...hes like a little heater. They also like belly scratches several times a day. They will come up and roll over to their back. If you are not paying attention they will give y ou a little growl so you can scratch the belly...lol. Harley does the same growl if he puts a toy in front of you and your not paying attenion. Here are pictures of what they do all day. All I ask is that they pick up their toys, and they cant even do that...lol.

So tell me about how you spoil your animals.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby Clothes

Do the makers of baby clothes actually have kids?? Dont they know that all babies are different? Ryleigh is tall for her age. She has a long torso. Most of the time if its a 2 piece outfit I have to get the top a bigger size than the pants. Even then the pants dont fit right. I got her a 6-9mo. pair of pants the other day. Thank goodness for adjustable waists! The waist was huge on her. I had to tighten it 6 spots on each side. Even then, they are baggy, but stay up...lol. Then length is pretty good though. She still has an inch or so to grow. But pretty soon she will have to have the 12 month jeans and there is no way they are going to fit her around the waist. But they will be good in length. So I either have pants that fit in length and are huge everywhere else, or they look like flood waters and they fit everywhere else. So what baby/Child clothing issues do you have?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Dr. Drama

I was supposed to call the office yesterday at 12:30 so they culd give me the verdict on what they thought was wrong with me. I went to run errands instead. I went to the library and got the book The secrets of the baby whisperer. Thanks Teresa for recommending it, so far I really like it. Then I went to MIL's house. We left Ryleighs favorite blanket at SIL's house and she brought it home. Then we went to Gabrial brothers, then off to Wally world to see Bobby. We had lunch with him, and then I got a few things I needed. By the time I got home it was almost 2pm. I called and she took a message. She called back today and said that the Dr. wants radiology to look at my MRI from last year and that he will call back next week. So I STILL have no idea whats wrong or how to fix it. Im so tired of being in pain all the time! It hurts to sleep!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trip to the Dr.

I went to see the Neurologist today for my back. He was looking at my chart and this is the conversation we had:
Dr: So do you still work at Kalkreuth Roofing?
Me: No, Im a SAHM
Dr: Oh....so you DIDNT go back to work?
Me: Nope
Dr.: You dont have any family that can watch her?
Me: I didnt plan to get pregnant and have someone else raise my daughter.
Dr: Oh, So where does your Husband work?
Me: Walmart
Dr: So your making enough on just ONE income?
Me: Yep we doing fine.
Dr. Hmm

WTH?? When did my financial status become any of his buisness?? Its not like I have a bill that needs paid with him or anything. If I want to stay at home and raise my daughter, thats my choice, and I feel damn good about that choice!

Anyway, the good news is he doesnt think my current pain is due to the slightly buldging disks I have. He thinks its just bad muscle spasms. He is going to review my MRI (from last year). Im going to call tomorrow at lunch time to find out what the plan is.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Best Shot Monday (BSM)

Im kinda late on this, but hey its still monday...lol. This is a picture that was taken right after we got her ready to go to a party. I love the way the blue dress brings out her big blue eyes. Thats why I decided to bring out all the blue in the picture.

No head on over to Picture this for more Best shots

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Day in the Life of Tiffany

Here is another idea I stole...lol. This one if from Micki. So here is my 4 min Photo Essay of "A day in my life" I hope you all enjoy the sneek peek of what its like to be me.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stealing Ideas

Im all about stealing other peoples ideas lately. There just so cute, so I cant resist :) The latest idea, Im stealing from Laura. So here is my favorite Mirror Image shot of Ryleigh.

She was so excited to see herself in the mirror. Im not sure if she realized it was her she was looking at though. She kept putting her hand up to the mirror and touching the "other baby's hand" In the next shot she was looking out of the corner if her eyes to check and see if "the other baby" was still looking at her. She was so funny. I had a great time taking these shots of her.

Thanks Laura for this wonderful idea. (Hope you dont mind that I stole it)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My day just keeps getting better

The UPS truck dropped off a package. I didn't order anything and Bobby didn't order anything. I opened it and it was 2 packs of diapers! I do a survey thing online and they want me to test out these diapers and let them know what I think. The first pack says Pampers on the diapers, but they have a strong perfume smell. I'm hoping she doesn't break out. I LOVE free stuff! Tonight is Americas got talent, then the season Premiere of Singing Bee...I cant wait for that. It looks really funny!

Ryleighs going to be a star!

Ok, so maybe im exaggerating just a bit, but hey Im entitled to that...lol. We have a small magazine here thats run by the newspaper company. They gave me a call today and want me to bring Ryleigh in to have a small photo shoot for the August issue!!! Im SOOO Excited! Theres just one catch....lol. Shes got to wear sunglasses!!! So now for the next week Im going to practice with her and her sunglasses to see if I can get her to keep them on her face. This is going to be a challenge!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Nightly walk

The past few days we have been walking down to the bottom of the yard and picking off the fresh berries and having an evening snack. I LOVE fresh berries! There still alittle to sour for Ryleigh. Maybe next summer she will enjoy them more. This house has a ton of berries. Every day there are more and more that are ripe enough to eat. Anyone else have berries in their yards? Do you enjoy eating them in the summer? When there are alot I will take a bucket down and bring them back to the house and sprinkle a little sugar on them...MMM

Shoe Test

I went to the mall yesterday with my mom. Ryleigh had on her little spongy shoes...I dont know what they are called. The name brand of the expensive ones are Crocs. She kept putting her foot on the tray of the stroller and when she would slide it back down, the shoe would fall off. So I took the one shoe and put it under the stroller in the basket. You wouldnt believe how many people looked and clearly saw she had only one shoe and didnt say anything to me about it. I did have 4 people that said "shes missing a shoe" I would tell them it was under the stroller and thank them for letting me know. One lady passed me and her little girl whispered "Mommy she only has one shoe" The moms reply "Yep honey they probally lost the other one." Ive always said something to the parent if I noticed there was only one shoe. At least theres some nice people left in the world.

Friday, July 6, 2007


Bobby and I were sitting on the floor playing with Ryleigh. We could hear the dogs barking, but didnt think much of it, since its nothing new. After a few min, I saw Chopper at the door, but Harley was still barking. I got up and looked out the back window and saw Harley intently barking at something. I fot my flip flops on and walked out to him. I couldnt see anything, so I walked down the back steps to the yard and looked up and saw this....(this pic was taken after I went back into the house)

I Yelled "BOBBY" and then Yelled at the dogs to get in the house now, and took off running for the house to get Bobby and the camera. I ran in the door and yelled "Theres a big snake outside" We got tennis shoes on and went running back out the door and got the rake and the shovel. We had the rake blocking the steps so he couldnt get back under there. Bobby kept smaking him with the shovel, but missing because he was too close to the wall and under the deck, so we couldnt get a good shot. He took the rack and flung him into the grass and the snake took off. After a few smakes to the body and head he stopped moving. Then we went and got the tape measure and measured him. He was almost 5 feet long! Here are some pictures:

Harley saved the day and alerted us to the problem. WTG HARLEY! Bobby saved the day for killing the snake! Im still scared now to take Ryleigh out back to where her swing is. :(
Bobby Posing with his kill! WTG BOBBY! LOL

7 Random Facts

Here's the "rules": Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged & list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged

.1) I have had 2 broken bones...#1 My nose, thanks to a girl named Jessie who threw a softball at e when I wasnt looking, then called my name and BAM. #2 was my wrist, I was sled riding and skipped a hill and landed on my arm.

.2) I HATE spiders and most bugs

.3) I was So grossed out with the c/s I had! I cant even tough the scar w/o feeling like I have to throw up!

.4)I LOVE being a SAHM!

.5) I drink mostly Water.

.6) i am named after a gymnast that was on TV when my mom was pregnant with me.

.7) I always sleep with socks on.

I tag Jessica B, Teresa, Kandy, Cathy, Laura, Mandy Jo and Who ever wants to do this :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July fun

We went to my Aunt Donna's house on Saturday and had a good time. Ryleigh was the center of attention. She was passed around from lap to lap and everyone was just gushing over her...lol. How could you not though...have you seen that face? Sunday my mom picked Ryleigh and I up and we went to a bridal shower. After that she came her for dinner since my dad was in Kentucky with some friends. We had DiCarlos pizza from the Grove and just hung out. Wed, the 4th Kim, Brian, Tammy, Sampson and Anna came here for a small party. We had a great time talking and laughing. We went to the little playground behind the firehouse and Anna learned that she can get up on the trapize bar all by herself! WTG ANNA! After everyone left my mom came over to see Ryleigh, then my dad stopped by on his way home and gave Ryleigh the cutest little Harley Davidson outfit! After that Ryleigh was fussy from the big day we had, so Bobby and I took her for a walk to help her get to sleep. When she gets overly tired she doesnt want to be held, layed down, played with, or fed. Usually a walk calms her and she goes right to sleep and I carry her into the house. Here are some pics of the little princess.
Our family all dressed in Red

My mom and Ryleigh

Im a damn good Mom!

OMG I give my 7 month old daughter beef stew, tuna helper, 3 cheese potatos, mashed potatoes w/ veggies, Cheerios in formula and thoses baby puffs and wagon wheels! Surely shes gonna choke! Do you honestly think I would give my daughter something to make her choke or die! Are you freaking kidding me! For one I dont let her out of my sight when shes eating. I give her 1 at a time and make sure its gone. And two, Its all things that are soft. The puffs are FOR BABIES, and the cheerios are soggy. Yes I know she doesnt have any teeth, how could I not know? Shes my daughter. I know everything about her down to the exact placement of her birthmarks, her lil crooked toes, and her cute lil pucker butt. Do you know that I love her more than life? I would die for her? I get up at least once every night to make sure shes breathing if she doesnt wake me up for a feeding. I take walks with her, I read to her, I play peek-a-boo, and patty cake with her. I sing silly songs to her. Shes ALWAYS wearing something clean. Im also proud to say that I get all the stains out of her clothes. Sometimes it takes 2 washes, but I do it. Shes always bathed and smelling nice. I would say that I do a damn good job with her.....wouldnt you? Shes still alive isnt she? I must be doing something right!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Totally Discusting!

Sometimes I wonder what the heck parents are doing these days when their teenagers are out acting like hooligans! (is that a word?) Anyway last week I called my mom to go to lunch on her break. I was early so I was sitting in the parking lot letting Ryleigh sleep some more. We were in a big Plaza and at the end of it is a Unemployment office. There was a boy/young man, about 16-17 yrs) that walked out of the office with his girlfriend, im assuming. He was headed toward the mini van that was parked right in front of me. Before he got into the Van he put his finger on one nostral, to plug it up, and blew the other nostral. Im not even kidding or exaggerating when I say the next part! There was bright green snot hanging at least a foot and a half out of his nose! He thinks its funny and starts swaying his head back and forth making the snot sway and laughing! I looked away because I wasnt even giving him the time of day to know that I was looking and was discusted! I knew thats what he wanted was to me to get out and go off and I wasnt giving him that satisfaction. Parents need to be more aware of what there kids are doing! It looked like his grandparents were driving the mini van and no one said anything to him! She gave him a napkin! I was thinking WTF!?

I understand you cant be with them 24/7, but you would think by that age you would have taught them not to act like that in public.