Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet moments

I took Ryleigh to the fireworks the other day by myself. We found a nice quiet spot up on the hill and layed out a blanket. I watched her run and play with some kids behind us having a great time. When the fireworks started we layed down on the blanket and snuggled close to keep warm. A few min later she looked up at me and said "Guess what Mama? I LOVE you!" She just made my heart melt and made me realize how blessed I am to have her.
There are still days that I look at her and think 'WOW, shes MINE!? I had a hand in creating this beautiful girl.' It just amazes me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Im Loved

If you would have asked me a month or so ago how I felt about my life you probally would have gotten an "Its ok" or "Things are fine". Truth is it wasnt. Everyday was a struggle, everyday was a fight about something stupid that didnt really matter.
Then a friend of mine asked me to go to a Marraige retreat that talked about the 5 Love Languages. It totally turned my marraige around. I found out Bobby likes words of affirmation. I try and tell him something everyday at least once thats positive. "You look nice today", "Thanks so much for doing the dishes", "Thanks for fixing the closet door". Simple thing that I usually take for granted that he does. I try and take time out in the evening to spend with him and listen to him talk about his day. I appreciate him more.
My Love launguage is Physical Touch. Hes been doing a great job of making sure he kisses me goodbye, giving me an extra hug, putting his arm around me at church. Little things like that lets me know he still loves me for me.
God heard my prayers and answered them for me. Im happier than ive been in a long time.