Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its been a while

Since ive posted anything. Sorry about Ive been busy and stressed out. Bobby is leaving in a few days and its just going to be me and Ryleigh. Its never been just me and Ryleigh all day every day for a whole week. Im scared and stressed out about it. I do have my mom and dad thats right down the road if I need a break though. But its not going to make it any less hard when 430 comes and theres no one coming through the door to be my second pair of hands :(

On a good note Ryleigh is feeling better, she had a bad cold. Shes still teething, and now she has a nice goose egg on each side of her head. I swear I need to get a helmet for that child! The other day she was standing in front of the coffee table and somehow managed to hit her head on it. Its got a nice green bruise on it now. Just a few min ago Daddy was chasing her back the hall and she ran right into the computer desk! YIKES!

I dont have any pics this week! Ive been really slacking....I know :(


Christina said...

Sending lots of good vibes for a smooth week without Bobby!! I bet you guys will do great.
Ah yes, the bumps and bruises stage! It does get better, once she's steadier on her feet. :o)

Laura McIntyre said...

Maybe its the time of year, we all seem to be feeling the blogging blahs.
Don't worry about it though and look forward to reading your posts again soon.

Im sure everything will be fine with Bobby away but i competly understand how you feel

Kimberly said...

Hmm, since I'm so late in reading this maybe Bobbie is already back? I hope the week went quickly and easily for you!