Monday, March 30, 2009

Red Lobster

Usually on Sundays Ryleigh and I go to my parents house for dinner. Bobby comes too when he isnt working. Since my dad went to VA with a friend to a NASCAR race we decided to go to Red Lobster and splerge a bit. My dad doesnt like it there, so this was the perfect time to go. Ryleigh decided not to take a nap yesterday, and before we even went I was on stressed with her behavior. We get there and she kept telling me she wanted a baby fork. (ie the fork they give you with your crab legs) I told her she would have to wait, but she kept insisting. Finally I distracted her with the crayons. The bread came and she nibbled on that a bit. The salads came and she dives into my salad and takes all the crutons. I dont mind giving them to her, but I do not want her hands in my food. Its not polite. The food comes and she dives into my sisters plate taking her broccoli. Again I tell her to ask and Na-Na (Rona) will gladly give her a taste. But thats not good enough. She keeps grabbing the broccoli and NOT tasting it, just taking it off her plate. Then shes grabbing my shrimp and sucking the butter off and putting it back!? Um...EWW! She asked to go to the bathroom and when I took her in there I explained to her that she was being very BAD and when we went back out she needed to put her listening ears on and listen. I pick her up to put her in the high chair and she SCREAMS bloody murder. I told her that wasnt acceptable and that if she did it again we would be making a trip to the bathroom and it wouldnt be to potty! I didnt even get to finish my cold dinner. I was so disappointed in her behavior. Looking back on it, I should have taken her to the bathroom and whooped her butt!

So these are the terrible 2's...


Laura McIntyre said...

Sounds familiar, Eils can be a complete pain going out to eat these days as she is just so tired .

Oh and 2s , enjoy them as honestly they are a breeze compared to 3s *shudder*