Sunday, May 31, 2009

vacation day 1

So day 1 was absolutly not what we had planned. We left the house on time to get to the beach at 3pm. I started out driving and drove for about and hour and a half. I started to get tired so I pulled over at a rest stop and Rona took over. She drove for about 2 hrs then we stopped at another rest area to potty. Bobby decided he was ready to drive. We weren't in VA that long when Bobby hit the breaks and we slowed down. I looked over and there was a cop in the median. I said "how fast were you going". His reply was "80". We passed the cop and I looked back to see him pulling out and the lights came on. He pulled up behind us so we pulled over. I quickly got all the papers ready and Bobby had them as he came to the window saying "I clocked you at 82 in a 65. That's recklace endangerment" He took the papers and said he would be back. He came back ticket in hand and said he gave us a ticket for 80 in a 65 so we would just pay a fine. Whew! We were back on the road and before I knew it he's driving 80 again. I told him at the next rest stop he was done! I took over and we almost were hit 2 times. The first time I was in her blind spot and she tryed to come over. The second a guy swerved to miss a chunk of tire and Almost came into me. I had to slam on the breaks and swerve into the side of the road. Luckaly we were fine both times. I drove till we were an hour outside of myrtle. I'm a better navigator so Bobby drove and did the speed limit. Then the GPS said we were almost there. I was so happy after the days events. We get to where it said it was supposed to be and nothing. I looked at the address and Bobby had the S in the wrong spot. Instead of 1200 S ocean blvd. He had 1200 ocean blvd S. So we fixed it and drove 45 min to where it said. We again see the ocean and get so excited to finally get there and again nothing. I called them and they said we were 30 min away! So we get back on the Rd with the complete address and zip! Finally at 6 pm, 15 hrs later, we arrived and were safe. We get the room key and get all the luggage onto the messed up luggage carrier and went to the 4th floor where are room was supposed To be. Nope its on the 14th floor! So we finally got into the room and settled. Ry was dying to go to the beach. So we did. She had an awsome time and cryed when we left.

She did amazing on the trip. Didn't per her pants and for the most part was a very good girl. I love that kid so much!


Penny Penguin said...

Oh Tiffany! I am so sorry about the start of your vacation! So glad to hear you got there safe and sound though! Now that you are there - enjoy yourselves!