Saturday, March 1, 2008


Today was our first day of waterbabies. We had a blast! Ryleigh did fairly well. She loved the water and the tub up intill about 2 weeks ago. She slipped backwards in the tub and hit her head pretty hard. (She was ok in the end) Scared us all pretty bad. Ever since then shes been very leary of getting in and gets very upset if you put her down, or she even thinks your going to. Who could blame her though. Here are some pics of todays class.

Ryleigh kicking

Me trying to show her how to blow bubbles. That didnt go well

Hi Nic...

Ryleigh reaching for the ball

Ryleigh getting ready to jump in.

Ryleigh with her BFF Kameryn

Fun in the Snow

Ive been a horrible blogger lately. Ill try to do better. Things have been so crazy around here. The other day we took Ryleigh in the snow again. The last time we took her out she wasnt walking yet. She had a hard time walking in the snow expecially with all those clothes on. Here are some pics.