Monday, April 14, 2008


On thursday I was playing with Ryleigh on the floor. The next thing I knew her head was coming at me and got me right on the nose. I heard it crack! YUCK! It hurt! I looked in the mirror when the pain subsided a little and noticed my nostrals were very uneaven, and I was having trouble breathing out of the right side. I should have gone to the Dr. the next day, but I didnt. I wanted to see if it was just swelling. After talking to some online friends I decided I should make an appt. I went and he said its broken and I have a pretty badly deviated septum. I went and got some x-rays, and they are refering me to the ENT. The dr said I would most likely have surgery to repair it. Thats the part I didnt want to hear! Surgery scared the bajesus outa me! I shouldnt have watched the movie about the guy who was awake during surgery! Thats one of my worst fears! Ill keep you updated on what is to come.

One thing thats weird is I have broken 4 bones in my life, 3 were my nose and 1 was my arm. 3 out of the 4 have all been the same time of year! Right before my birthday. What a birthday present!


Carly said...

OMG!!!!! I am so sorry to hear it will end up with surgery. You are in my prayers girl. I truly hope it wont require surgery. We have to be more careful with Brooklyn b/c she does this to us all the time. Hugs girl. I hope it feels better soon!