Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well my post-op appt didnt go so well. I definitly didnt get the news I wanted to hear. The surgery I had was supposed to push the septum back into place to postpone a major surgery. It didnt really work. He said my nose was "A MESS". Im still having trouble breathing out of it. Its not as bad, but its definilty a problem. I feel like the only good that came out of it was the "headach in my nose" is gone.
Im on Flonase now which is supposed to help "calm down" the inflamation in my nose. I go back on May 29th to most likely schedule major surgery! This time they will cut out the middle part of my septum that is buckled and rebuild it. He also mentioned something else about bones being where there not supposed to be and he would take them out. So thats where I stand :( At least this next time will be planned out better and Bobby and my mom can prepair to take days off.


Laura McIntyre said...

Sorry it never worked out like you hoped, major surgery will be no fun but if it helps will be worth it