Monday, May 26, 2008


If I had to use just one word to describe my life right now it would be "blessed". When your little you always get the question "what do you want to be when you grow up" Early on I knew I wanted to be a mom. But thats not really an answer you hear from a child. I usually just said a teacher. The older I got it got more clear that I wanted to be a SAHM. My parents pushed and pushed for me to go to college. I was there for 2 wasteful years before I knew college just wasnt for me. I got good grades, but I just couldnt see myself being a teacher. When I closed my eyes and imagined my life in 5 yrs I could see kids running around, and a wonderful family.

I have an amazing husband who I met in Aug. 1999. We were Married 4 yrs ago. He has let me live my dream of raising our daughter here at home. He is a great dad too!

I have the daughter I have always dreamed of having. I prayed and prayed years before I was even pregnant for a daughter. I get to dress her up, fix her hair and put pretty bows in her hair. We have so much fun together going here and there. Even when we stay home we have fun building igloos, playing with her toys, reading, or just "nuggling" on the couch watching "toon toons".

I have parents who love me, Bobby and Ryleigh! They would do just about anything for us. When I see how happy Ryleigh makes them, it makes me love her even more. If thats even possible....LOL.

Last but not least I have the most amazing friends a person could ever ask for. I have so much fun hanging out with them and there kids.

So thanks to my family, and my friends for making me so very blessed. I love you guys!