Monday, May 19, 2008

Ryleigh update

Ryleigh is going to be 18 months in a week and a half! Where has the time gone?

Ryleigh absolutly amazes me every day. Shes constantly saying new things and doing new things. My favorite thing to do is just sit and watch her when she doesnt know im looking. There are days where she just has me in stitches laughing at the stuff she says and does. Shes so rotten!

Shes talking so much now. Ive lost count of how many words shes saying. Its got to be btw 50-100 now at least. And shes putting 2 words together now also. The other day I asked her if she wanted lunch. She said Yes. I said ok, lets go. She started walking towards the kitchen saying "lets go, lets go" LOL. The next morning she woke up and all I heard was "Lets go, lets go" Then I heard her throwning her baby dolls out of her crib and saying "BOOM" As each one of them hit the floor.

She is constantly on the go! She has to be doing something at all times. She finally has started watching cartoons, aka "toon toons". My sister gave her a bean bag and she LOVES it, she will actually sit now and watch cartoons for about 15 min-30 min before she comes looking for me. It gives me time to get things done around the house.

She has also decided to be a PICKY PICKY eater. Lucky me...LOL. Im having a really hard time getting her to eat anything. Ive started giving her an extra cup of milk. When I go to the dr for her 18 mo. check Im going to see if I should start giving her pediasure or something. Foods that she normally loved, shes turning her nose up at them. AAAAAAHHHH.


Carly said...

WTG Ry Ry!!!! Such a big girl. Brooklyn is still a great eater thankfully. I mainly have a problem with chicken at times and at breakfast.
I hope she is back to eating better soon!

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy almost 18 months, this is really a great stage is't it? I don't remember loving it so much with Rebecca was then again i had a month old newborn to deal with at the same time.

Ryleigh sounds wonderful, and there you were worried about her development at one stage. She is definetly ahead of the game with talking these days.

The food thing can be completly normal, Rebecca goes through phases all the time and it normally picks up soon. Eilidh still eats everything and anything but then again she does't drink milk or anything to replace the calories.

Nicolas said...

nic has been teaching her to turn her nose up to things she likes. he does it to me, one day he likes something the next day he doesn't! its a fun "trick" :)
honestly, ry has such character and i love to watch her! she is so darn funny!

Keeley's Mom said...

I just love the toddler years!! Ryleigh is 7 months younger than Keeley and says about double the words Keeley does...that's great! But, I've been told I don't really give her the opportunity to talk! LOL