Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why cant we all just be nice?

Is it really that much easier to be mean to someone than to just be nice? Before you open your mouth to judge someone harshly try taking a walk in there shoes. Do you know what they've been through?

A Friend of mine responded in a post on cafe mom and the replies she got were just plain vicious! Is it that hard to give encouraging words, helpful tips and lift other moms up in there times of need?

So the next time you read a post or email or bite someones head off, take a deep breath and think..."Do I really know what they are going through?" Think of a way you can help them with there situation instead of scold them.

Lately we have been talking alot about kindness in church. Going out of your way to do something nice for someone else. Not only are you feeling good about what youve done, but I bet the person you did it for feels good as well. You can change a persons whole day with a smile or a kind word. Go try it! Its contagious :D


Nicolas said...

Look on the bright side, if there were no mean people, you would have no example of how not to act! right? To quote a bumper sticker i once read, "mean people suck". its true :)