Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What do you want to be.....

when you grow up? How many times do you get asked that question when your growing up? Way to many! I never knew what I wanted to be. A teacher? A vet? A doctor? maybe an astronaut? For the most part I think I said a teacher. I always had a love for kids. After highschool I went to college to be a teacher. After the first year I changed my major to PE Teacher. After the second year I knew college just wasnt for me. I always got good grades, it just wasnt "me". I didnt know what I wanted to be. I tryed and tryed to picture myself in different jobs, but none of them seemed to be "me". I think deep down I always knew what I wanted to be. It wasnt an answer that people would expect. Its not something you hear people say. I want to be a stay at home mom. Im living my dream job right now. Being able to watch my daughter learn and grow means the world to me and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else but where im at right now. Im so blessed to be able to do that with her. I have a husband that works his butt off every day to make that possible to. It makes him happy knowing that im happy.
Im at a point in my life right now that I feel so blessed. I love my life. Sure it has its ups and downs, but overall I wouldnt change it for the world. Being able to watch my parents play and have fun with my daughter is so amazing. I love sharing that with them. I have some great friends, and a best friend that means the world to me. Shes always there for me no matter what. I couldnt ask for anything more.


Teresa said...

That was very sweet! I have to say that I feel the same way as you. We have a video of when I was maybe 4-5 years old and my mom asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I told her "a mother". I remember people giving me strange looks when I told them that as growing up, so I learned to come up with something else some of the time...but the desire has always been to be a mother. It's such an amazing and fulfilling job to raise and mold little human beings for life in the big world. It's great to read your feelings on it too! Too often we only hear negative feelings about stay-at-home moms, as though it's a "less than" type of job...which couldn't be further from the truth. And thank goodness for great husbands that make it all possible;-)

Thanks for sharing.

Mandy Jo said...

Its hard because for some reason, just being a stay at home mom is not a good enough answer. Its a shame really. I am glad you are enjoying it and found exactly what you wanted.

Laura McIntyre said...

Lovely post Tiffany, honestly i was the complete opposite growing up.

I never wanted children, did not enjoy being around them and couldn't imagine ever being a sahm mum if i ever did have children. I guess it was my nightmare job .
YOu can proberly guess that everything completely changed though and its the only thing i want to be now