Sunday, August 17, 2008

Company Picnic

Yesterday was my moms company picnic. I got Ryleigh to nap early and we headed over around 1pm. We had a yummy catered lunch! Ryleigh was playing with some other kids and they had a ball. She wanted it, but didn't want to play what they were playing. God forbid she *gasp* SHARE THE BALL. LOL So I went up to the car and got her ball so she would run around with them. We tryed to get her to throw it to the other kids so they could throw it back to her. But that involved letting go of the ball and another child just might take she would have none of that! After that we went and played on the playground, then took a paddle boat ride. She liked the boat, but HATED the life vest she had to wear. Ill post a pic of her crying about it. We had a great day!

If you look at the pic below you will see she has HER ball, and is trying to take the pink one too!

I dont know what she was doing, but she looks like such a big girl doing



Mad Ryleigh. She kept saying "done done done" and "Off Off"
Whats that?
Whats that?
My attempt at a pic of all of Ryleigh looks super thrilled!
3 generations


Nicolas said...

everytime i see pictures of her she looks older and prettier! such a little lady! :)

~Cathy~ said...

I am LOVIN' her ponytails! She's got the cutest personality! We really need to try to get her and Nicholas together again now that they're toddlers!