Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moment of Chaos

Let me set the scene for you. Ryleigh was in her bean bag chair watching her "toon toons". I was taking a a min to check email on the computer. The dogs were sleeping in the computer room beside me. There is a knock at the door. Instantly the dogs spring into action and tear towards the door barking like I mean the good watch dogs they are. This scares the living daylights out of Ryleigh and shes now terrified, crying, running down the hall screaming at the top of her little lungs "MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA" I just up and pick her up. Go to the front door and tell them to hold on. I get one dog by the collar while holding a screaming, crying Ryleigh in the other arm and manage to get the dog in the bedroom. Oh and did I mention when I picked Ryleigh up that she was soaking wet because she decided to un-velcro one side of her diaper and peed all over herself and her clothes? So I grab dog #2 by the collar while im still holding a screaming, crying wet Ryleigh. I open the door to the bedroom while yelling "stay stay" and dog #1 runs back to the door. I put dog #2 in the back bathroom and go to the front door again. The guys laughing as I say for the 20th time..."hold on". So again I grab dog #1 and start to walk back to the bedroom with him. I step in the potty chair cup, trip, but manage not to fall. I bet the guy got a kick outa that one. FINALLY I get the dogs situated and go to the front door. Say "Im sorry" and let him in to clean the carpets. Ryleigh is still crying, but atleast shes a little calmer. I get a diaper and take her to the bedroom to change her. Then we watched as they cleaned the carpets and Ryleigh told them "bye bye" while waving ever 2 seconds because she wanted them to leave.


~Cathy~ said...

LOL... you painted a pretty funny picture!

Yeah.... I've had days like those. Minus the dogs of course! But the kiddos around here create a tremendous amount of chaos!

Carly said...

That is hilarious!!! Brooklyn would be telling them Bye Bye too- she is always telling people Bye when she doesnt want them near LOL
Hope the rest of the day calmed down :o)