Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fitting in with the crowd

Today at church this was the topic. It hit home. Sometimes I feel like a camelleon changing to fit in with the different poeple I hang out with. I hang out with certain friends and Ill say some curse words to fit in with them, then I hang out with another group and change something else to fit in better with them. Lately ive been doing a lot of sole searching and trying to find my puropse and none of those are it. Im tired of trying to be someone im not. I am a jesus freak, a loving mother who values the time I spend with my daughter, I am a loving wife who misses her husband because hes been working crazy hrs, a caring friend who is always there if you need me, a daughter who loves spending time with her mom, and sister who misses her little sister because shes always working.
Ill no longer try to fit into the crowds that dont except me for just being ME.


Teresa said...

It's a brave step. I remember thinking much of what you are writing when I realized i did a similar thing and I kind of changed some to fit in with different people. There are times when it can be uncomfortable to stick to who you are but there is a comfort and peace inside that makes it all worth it. I have noticed that different people bring out different parts of me, so don't be surprised if you do that too. I think it's really quite impressive you have chosen to do this. Some people never decide to do that and do it to their dying day... Anyway, enough of my rambling.

Jane said...

Tiffany, when I was younger I was just like you - always trying to fit in and doing a pretty good job of it. I think that I am finally myself, especially with great friends like you and the other MOPS. You'll find that as you mature finding the people you really want to be around is easier.