Saturday, December 22, 2007

Early Christmas Present

Bobby got a call yesterday morning from a guy named George. The caller ID said Walmart, so I answered it.
me: Hello
Walmart: Is Bobby there?
me: Hes sleeping, do you need me to wake him?
W: You dont HAVE to, but I have great news.
me: Well sure then! Let me get him.

We have been waiting for this call for days and it finally came! Bobby gave me the thumbs up with a grin ear to ear! HES GETTING PROMOTED! And better yet, its with in his own store! That is something very rare. He is now going to be the Assistant manager at Walmart. We are so happy, and im so proud of him! He beat out hundreds of other people. The store manager likes him alot and didnt want to let him go, so he moved some things around and hes staying! Thats a blessing. The other store that interviewed him was about 45min-1hr away. So on top of his new 10hr days he would have spent another 2 on the road. Now hes only 20-25 min away.

The only sad part is he will be leaving town for 4 weeks. He woulnt be that far away, but far enough where he cant come home after training and drive back in the morning. But hes close enough that if the weather is ok Ryleigh and I can drive to him and stay in a hotel and go swimming for a night or so!

After that he will be home for 2 weeks, then back there for another 2. So all together he will be gone for 6 weeks.

The promotion doesnt take effect for about a month, but its still official!


Christina said...

Congrats! Very exciting!

melissarose72 said...

CONGRATS! What wonderful news for your family & such great timing. The time apart will go by quickly. Merry Christmas!

Carly said...

YAY!!!! WTG Bobby! I am super excited for you all. What a wonderful thing to find out around the holidays. Best of luck to Bobby with his training and in his new position. Merry Christmas!

~Cathy~ said...

Awesome news!! Congrats to Bobby!!!

Teresa said...

Congratulations! That's very exciting. Excellent job! That is no fun about training being for so long though. Hope it goes quickly...I'd hate that too.