Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Laura at Synchronization of us did this post and I thought it was neat. Here are some of the keywords people google and end up at my site. Some of them are just weird!

Most of them have something to do with Kaleb schwade. I wrote 2 posts about him back in July I think. And Ive been getting hits from all over. From people looking for things about him.

A day in the life of Tiffany
A day in the life of Tiffany Ryleigh
Apesatomy (I have no idea how that related to my blog...first off its spelled wrong, and second I didnt have one...hmm)
Little Moppetts
"doggie Funnies"
13 month baby prefers anyone but mom
15 month well baby
9 mo baby stares alot
A day of the life by tiffany
breast desktops (Um....WHAT??)
c447a8d337c61aee1ae434a7114b927b (Yes, someone really googled that and somehow ended up at my site!!?? but when I google it, I get nothing...weird)
Diaper Tiffany (hmm)
Tiffany in diaper pics ( getting scared)
My little life - Tiffany

Theres lots more. 78 in all, but you get the


Kimberly said...

That's just downright odd! LOL!

Christina said...

LOL, this is just too off the wall funny! I'm off to check mine now...

Laura McIntyre said...

LOL Im still laughing at the Tiffany in Diapers one .

Oh goggles c447a8d337c61aee1ae434a7114b927b and it now leads to this post if anyone randomly happens to type it in :)