Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Birthday Bash!

Her 1st birthday party was great! We had a great turnout. We ate some pizza, then I showed them the video I made of Ryleighs first year. Everyone loved it and said how great it was. After that we took Ryleigh out of her dress and into the high chair for her cake. She wasnt too sure about it, it was cute. That was the first time shes ever been allowed to have cake. Can you believe it? I with held cake and sugary sweets, candy cookies, etc. from my daughter for a year. I thought she would have went nuts and start gobbling it all up. She ate the icing and poked at the cake, and grabbed the dolls That was about it though. There was a small dent in the front of the cake, and some swipes out of the icing, and that was it. After that we changed her into something more comfy that she could crawl around in and we opened presents. Let me describe that in one word....CHAOS! ALLLLLL the other kids wanted to help Ry Ry open presents and that resulted in cards, presents, bags, wrapping paper In the end I did get it all sorted out with who bought her which gift. They were all so excited and wanted to help her. It was cute. After that everyone mingled and talked and then slowly left around 4. I was lucky and didnt have to help clean up...hehe. Ryleigh was having an "I need my mama min" and so I got to tend to her while everyone else cleaned up. A lot of people stayed to help with that. It was really nice, and we are so greatful to have such great friends and family. This week I will break everything down and show pictures. There are so many to sort through though. Bobby took about 200, his mom took about 60, My mom was in charge of taking video clips and pictures. Not sure how many she has, and some other people took pictures and their going to send them to me.


Christina said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! congrats on a party well done. Happy Birthday, Ryleigh!

Laura McIntyre said...

I looked at all your pictures of Flickr and adored them all, what a great party.

We held of on sweets and stuff till Rebecca turned one but well Eilidh not so much, was harder with a sister around.