Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Traditions

I'm so excited now that we can start Family Traditions with Ryleigh. Yesterday we dug out the Christmas decorations and tree, and put some Christmas music on. We took down all the fall decorations and replaced them with Christmas ones. We Put the tree up and As I got all the ornaments out of the box I told Ryleigh what each one was and when we got it. After that I got out some paint and the plaster Ornament that we bought at Michael's and let Ryleigh paint it. She had no idea what was going on. She was eating the ornament and the I did help her and show her that the paint goes on the ornament. It was a dog coming out of a stocking, so i only got red and brown paint for it. Every year we are going to have her pick out and paint an ornament. The she took a nap and we got ready and went to the festival of lights. The festival of lights started in 1985 and has grown to be the nations largest light show. See this artical for more details.

Ryleigh slept through the whole thing, but we will go several more times im sure. On a night when its not so cold we will go check out the garden of lights. Thats the new thing this year. It has a huge nativity scene over top of the fountain. And lighted flowers where the real ones would be. You walk through it. Its beautiful, and kind of romantic.
Anyway, we had a great christmas themed day. Ryleigh LOVES the christmas tree. She points at it and says "Ooo".


Christina said...

What great traditions to start with her! Wow, you out up the christmas stuff early...we usually do it the day after Thanksgiving.

Laura McIntyre said...

Family traditions are wonderful, gosh you sure put it up early. We always do the 12days before (so the 13th)and keep it up till days after

Mandy Jo said...

This Christmas is going to be so fun with our little ones!