Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Online Stores

I just wanted to tell you about my 2 favorite online stores. The first one is Zing Slings and More. The Owners name is Jessica and shes a very good friend of mine. Ive gotten 2 pouch slings and a matching diaper bag from her. Se sells 3 different types of slings, Diaper bags and toats, Re-usable cloth gift bags and wallets. Go check out her store. If you decide to buy anything use code tiffanyrefer at checkout for free shipping. Pumpkin patch

Coopers Rock State Park in WV

The second one is Cutie Pie Clippies. Its a fairly new store, but I did have the pleasure of purchasing a breast cancer Awareness Bow for Ryleigh, and I LOVE IT! She did a wonderful job. The Owners name is Natasha, and shes also a very good friend of mine. She sells custom bows, breast cancer awareness bows, Clippies, Flower loop bows, loopy bows, Small bows, medium bows, Korkers, Holiday Bows, Pony O streamer's, Woven headbands, Headbands (they have a spot to put the clippies on), and Hair bow holders.
Both of these ladies have amazing talent. So go check them out! What are you still doing here....GO!


Christina said...

I am looking for a new diaper bag...I will go check her out now!

Laura McIntyre said...

Mmm never heard of those stores, maybe i should visit :)

Jessica said...

Awwwe you're so sweet Tiffany :) Love the new pics too!!