Friday, November 9, 2007

Quick Note

To tell you all im still Ive been spending all my free time doing the great cloth diaper hunt over at Diaper decisions. Its an online scavenger hunt. I have found 107 little pink diaper icons so far! I still need 5 more extreme ones to qualify for the extreme grand prize. (Those ones are HARD) and I need 17 more to qualify for the grand prize. Anyone else diaper hunting? How are you doing?

Also I wanted to give a Ryleigh update. She is now walking with a push toy across the dining room and living room and cruising across the couch! Shes doing great. Hope everyone is doing good, hopefully I can get this hunt done with so I can catch up with everyones


Christina said...

LOL, you have been pretty scarce around here lately. Good luck in the hunt. :o)
Sounds like Ryleigh's making great strides in her devlopment! that's great.

~Cathy~ said...

I'm diaper hunting too. I think I'm up to 89 or so... I only have two extremes to go. I'm working on the others though trying to get them out of the way!

Laura McIntyre said...

Your doing so well, think im up to about 3 or maybe 4 LOL. Not spending much time with it although i would love to be doing more, to busy with other stuff.


Kimberly said...

I'll have to check out the diaper hunt. That sounds like fun.

Great news about Ryleigh. She'll be running you ragged in no time. :)

Mandy Jo said...

That is great she is walking around and cruising! Before you know it, she is just going to go off on her own, not holding on!
(hmm, I can leave comments now and you can't, how strange?!?!?)

Kandy said...

Sounds like she is doing great just wait she will be taking off and you will be chasing her everywhere. I love it when they learn new things.