Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well my post-op appt didnt go so well. I definitly didnt get the news I wanted to hear. The surgery I had was supposed to push the septum back into place to postpone a major surgery. It didnt really work. He said my nose was "A MESS". Im still having trouble breathing out of it. Its not as bad, but its definilty a problem. I feel like the only good that came out of it was the "headach in my nose" is gone.
Im on Flonase now which is supposed to help "calm down" the inflamation in my nose. I go back on May 29th to most likely schedule major surgery! This time they will cut out the middle part of my septum that is buckled and rebuild it. He also mentioned something else about bones being where there not supposed to be and he would take them out. So thats where I stand :( At least this next time will be planned out better and Bobby and my mom can prepair to take days off.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Yesterday at 1230 I registered for surgery then went up to Plastic's at wheeling hospital and waited. At around 1 a nurse came and got me and I had to change into the lovely hospital gown and go into a room. She checked my vitals etc, and started an IV. Around 130 Bobby was able to come back and sit with me. Around 2 a guy with BLUE lips (I think he had a blue rasberry icee or something LOL) came in and checked my vitals and kept asking questions like do you arms hurt, does your hands hurt etc. Then he grabs my nose and says "does your nose hurt" I jumped and pain and said YES. I wanted to say No *ss hole I just come in for surgery for $hits and giggles! I was so mad. Then 10 min. later the anastesiologist came in and asked all of the same questions plus a few more. Then he ordered my meds for surgery. 2:30pm (surgery time) came and went, 3:00pm came and went 3:30 pm came and went...then finally around 4pm My nurse, Joey said that there was a lady in the OR that was supposed to have a 2 hr surgery and the enchountered problems and she was still in there. There was also 1 more person in front of me for surgery. Around 4:30 I met Dr. Mueller and Dr. Tracey (he was the one I was scheduled with). They said that Dr. Mueller was done with all his patients and was going to help Dr. Tracey. The guy before me would have 1 of the surgions and I would have the other. Then they took the other guy back and I figured they would be coming to get me any time. 5:30 came and went and around 6 Dr Mueller came back and said that all the anestisiologist were gone but 1, so my surgery would have to wait till the guy before me got done. Also the guy before me was having surgery complications also. Something about the pins werent working, so I was waiting some more. At 6:30pm Dr Mueller came back and said that he the guy in surgery was almost done. Bobby and I expressed some concerns about Dr. Tracey doing my surgery. He had had 2 very complicated surgerys and had been in the OR at that point since 130 w/o any breaks. Dr. M excussed himself and came back a few min later and said he was going to take over my surgery and let Dr. Tracey go home. Which was fine with me. He had the nurse get me some Afrin to clear out my nose, and after I took it I could breath about 100% better. I said "I don't think I need surgery, I just need some Afrin." He laughed and we had a talk about At 7pm a different anesthesiologist came in asking more questions, then said I was ready to go. They wheeled my out and into the OR, they gave me a shot in my IV to calm me, and 10 sec. later I was feeling Then they gave me some anesthesia stuff that was a milky white color and put oxygen over my face and I started coughing. But then I was out. The next thing I knew it I was being wheeled to recovery with oxygen in my mouth and my mouth was SO DRY. I asked for water and she said not yet, I asked for Bobby and she said not yet that I had to wake up more. I fought to keep my eyes open so Bobby could come in. Around 7:45 he was brought back and fed me some ice chips and we waited to be discharged. Bobby told me that Dr. M said the surgery went well. My right nostril was about 100% blocked and my left was about 20% blocked. He thinks it was bone fragments from a previous break in 1993. Then my face started itching, then my arms, chest, back, legs, etc. I told the nurse and she checked me all over and I didn't have hives or a rash. She called the anesthesiologist and she checked me and didn't see anything either. Instead of benadryl they gave me Nubian??? The last time I checked that was for pain. About 830, she asked how the itching was and I said better. I needed a prescription filled, so Bobby had to hurry and go to Kroger, then come back for me. Finally around 10pm I got home. Bobby had to hold me up to walk in the house. I flopped on the love seat. My mom came over to me and said I was white as a sheet. I felt really nauseated. I told her I needed extra pillows because I needed my head elevated. She got the pillows (the next part she told me I said) Asked me which side of the bed I slept on, and I told her very frustrated...MY SIDE...LOL. Duh, why wouldn't I sleep on my side...hehe. Anyway, once we established which side was my side I was in bed, then I felt like I was going to get sick, so my mom helped me to the bathroom. Since I hadn't eaten at that point in 27 hrs there was nothing to throw up. I started crying because I was so tired, so sick and wanted to lay down. Then my nose started bleeding. We got it stopped and I went to bed.
Today Im really groggy from the Tylenol 3's. I'm trying not to take them so I can take care of Ryleigh. Ive been taking regular Tylenol. The pain isn't that bad. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. I have the greatest friends ever! Love you guys! If you got this far, WOW...LOL. Thanks :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update #1

I went to Plastics today and surgery is TOMORROW! Im freaking out! I didnt think it would be that soon at all! I thought he would say next week or something. So wish me luck. My mom will be coming here to watch Ryleigh and Bobby will be taking me. I have to be there at 12:30pm and my surgery is at 2:30pm. I chose the less invasive surgery. They will just be moving the septum over and putting splints in my nose to hold it in place for a while. This will hold off the more invasive surgery, but sometime I will most likely have to have it. That one will totally rebuild my septum, and it sounded way to scary for right now.

Monday, April 14, 2008


On thursday I was playing with Ryleigh on the floor. The next thing I knew her head was coming at me and got me right on the nose. I heard it crack! YUCK! It hurt! I looked in the mirror when the pain subsided a little and noticed my nostrals were very uneaven, and I was having trouble breathing out of the right side. I should have gone to the Dr. the next day, but I didnt. I wanted to see if it was just swelling. After talking to some online friends I decided I should make an appt. I went and he said its broken and I have a pretty badly deviated septum. I went and got some x-rays, and they are refering me to the ENT. The dr said I would most likely have surgery to repair it. Thats the part I didnt want to hear! Surgery scared the bajesus outa me! I shouldnt have watched the movie about the guy who was awake during surgery! Thats one of my worst fears! Ill keep you updated on what is to come.

One thing thats weird is I have broken 4 bones in my life, 3 were my nose and 1 was my arm. 3 out of the 4 have all been the same time of year! Right before my birthday. What a birthday present!