Monday, June 9, 2008

Ripleys Aquarium

Ripleys aquarium was a lot of fun. Ryleigh loved it. She kept pointing to the fish and saying "fish". I think everyones favorite part was the tunnel! That was awsome! The pics arent the greatest. Its hard to take pics in dark settings when things are moving.


Laura McIntyre said...

Looks like the whole vacation was a blast, the aquarium looks like a wonderful place for a toddler.

Love the new look around here

mjenningsdesigns said...

This looks like a great trip! Thanks for stopping by my blog:-)


Amy said...

Hey Tiffany,
Your blog is too fun! I love the photos and beach blogs. The GPS made me laugh and I even read it to Jonathan. Ryleigh is adorable. Keep up the good work :)