Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We are getting our first real snow of the season. I decided to get Ryleigh dressed and introduce her to the snow. She didn't do as bad as I thought and it lasted about 10 min! I got her sled out , bundled the dogs up, bundled her up, than threw my snow clothes on lightning fast before she realized she couldn't move in all her clothes and got I put her in the sled, pulled her around the house, then sat her in the snow. Heres some pictures of her and the boys.

I love this picture of

Snowy Chopper

Snowy Harley


Christina said...

ROFL! It totally cracks me up that you bundled the dogs up!!! Love the first two pictures. My Google Reader is full of SNOW posts today - it's everywhere!

Kandy said...

I miss the snow... I wish my kids knew what snow was. She looks so cute all bundled up. And do puppies in their little coats is just too cute. Hope you all had fun.

Teresa said...

I'm so behind!! I looked through your most recent (12) entries and loved all the photos and the sweet letter you wrote to Ryleigh. Can you believe she's one?!! I can't believe all the things she can say! I really think babies learn things at different speeds. TS was so into learning to walk that he isn't as advanced in the speech area. He likes to mimic sounds, but he doesn't say words like Ryleigh! That's awesome! I love all the photos. She is SUCH a doll!

:-) Teresa
PS: It's still kind of a secret, but we're expecting baby #3. I keep my personal blog updated on it right now -

Laura McIntyre said...

She is so cute, im really loving the first picture. Im jealous of the snow, send some here please.

Mandy Jo said...

She looks so cute out in the snow.

Kimberly said...

How fun!!! And the dogs look like they're enjoying too. I can't wait for a snow day like that around here!