Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last weekend

On Saturday Bobby and I got up early and cleaned the house so we could spend the day outside. We took the baby out and put her in the exersaucer on the deck, in the grass on a blanket so she was near to us and we could talk to her. Bobby started off by cutting the grass, and I got the rack and started racking the pine needles. We have a 1.5 acre yard, and we wanted to clean it up a bit. After he cut the grass he brought the wagon over and we started putting the pine needles in the wagon and taking them and dumping them at the bottom of the yard. The we gathered up the sticks lying around and we started a big bon fire at the bottom of the yard in and old fire pit. (Yes we had a hose that reached all the way down there) After that My friend Kim came over with her daughter Haylee, 5.5 yrs, and her sister Meghan, 7.5 yrs. She brought Ryleigh a present! I have been wanting a swing for Ryleigh and she got the exact one I wanted!! I was so excited and Ryleigh LOVES it!! We had a cook out and then Bobby took the girls around on the wagon. They had a blast! They kept asking him to "do it again". We all had so much fun! It was a great day!

Sunday I woke up and noticed my left forearm had little red bumps all over it. Its poison ivy!!! Ugh.

My family came over Sunday afternoon and I made manicotti for them. Me, my mom, and sister were the only ones that ate it. Oh well more left overs. Bobby cooked on the grill for him and my dad. That was another really fun day!

Haylee and Ryleigh in her new swing

Haylee and Meghan screaming with excitement

Bobby taking the girls on a wagon ride

Me acting silly on Haylees princess scooter...lol


Laura McIntyre said...

Lucky you having a friend like that, looks like you were having such fun playing on the scooter - your going to have such fun playing with Rhileigh :)