Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Unsolisited advice

Don't you just love when people give you advice when you dont ask for it??
While at my PT apt. Curt was asking me about what I do that aggravates my back. I told him when I get Ryleigh in an out of the crib I get sharp pains. Somehow that brought on the topic of her sleeping at night. I mentioned that she still gets up 3-4 times a night. (Every 3 hrs) Then he says "My son did that. You need to put a stop to that....we just let him cry it out. The first night he cryed for 2 hrs, the second night 1hr and the 3rd night 30 min. Then he was sleeping all night." I didn't say anything to him. I wanted to say "What the hell kind of parents are you letting your poor son cry for 2 freaking hrs!!!" To me that it child abuse! A baby as young as Ryleigh needs something when they cry! I don't care if shes getting up every 3 hrs! Obviously she needs me and shes hungry! I'm not going to make her starve till morning just because I want some sleep! I signed up to be a Mommy 24/7 and take care of her needs whatever they may be. If she wakes up and just wants cuddles, then lets cuddle!


Izel said...

I hear ya, I also hate when people give advice like that!!! How can they let their babies cry it out! No way, I would be crying in 2 mins of hearing my baby and not being able to hold her!!

I'll be here reading your blogs!