Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Husbands Aunt Nancy

Bobby's Aunt Nancy passed away yesterday. She has been sick with Cancer for quit some time now. About 2-3 months ago we were told that it spread to her brain and she has 3 months to live. She refused the 2nd round of Kemo. Shes in her late 70's and said she was just done fighting and wanted to go home. His cousin Kim, Nancy's granddaughter, moved in so that she was able to come home. Last week she tryed to get up without asking for help and fell and broke her hip. She was too weak to make it through a surgery. They let her come home and she had lots of Morphine. She passed away peacefully and without pain. She is in Heaven now watching over all of us. Here is a picture of Ryleigh when we went to the hospital to visit her on April 1, 2007. The bruising on her arms and face is due to her passing out and falling in the bathroom a week before.