Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Physical Therapy today

Today I started PT on my back. Its been hurting for a while now, and I finally decided enough is enough! I get there and the Physical Therapist, Curt, Explains to me what the problem with my back is. He said my disks are like Jelly donuts and they are inbetween the vertabre. When I bend over the jelly gets pushes to the back. Eventually that creates very small tears and creates a buldge. Which is what I have, 2 small buldges. He said I have to start sitting straighter and bending with my knees when I pick Ryleigh up. He put some electrodes on my back and I layed there for 20 min. Then he put this belt on me. It had big seat belt straps and 2 big coushions so it doesnt hurt when he tightens it. I put it on REALLY tight. Then he added another on on my chest. I guess he thought breathing was overrated, because I couldnt expand my chest! The top part on my chest had 2 straps that went behind me and hooked to something. The botton one had 1 strap that hooked to something. I lyed down on a special bed and he hit a button and the next think I know im being pulled! Thanks for giving me a warning there Curt! He gave me a button to push just incase it got uncomftrable and said I will see you in 15 min. That was it for that and I left. I have another appt on Friday.