Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Anniversary!

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary! I had so much fun planning my wedding. I insisted doing it all on my own, with little help. I paid specific attention to every detail! I wasnt one of those bridezillas though. I picked a day that all of my bridesmaids could go to a small country bridal shop and I let them pick out their dresses. They ALL agreed on the same one. I loved it! I found my dress at a very expensive store in town. I called the lady that owed the country bridal store and she was able to order it at almost half the cost! It was so beautiful. My theme was Cinderella, and my colors were Lilac and white. I designed my own cake and found a lady that my mom knew to make it. She did an excellent job! The cake had a lighted castle for a topper and it had a porcelin Cinderella and prince charming figurine at the bottom of some steps. I had 3 flower girls because I jsut couldnt decide one 1. I had my neice, Olivia, my friends daughter, Anna, and a little girl I babysat, Brooke. I chose their dresses on Ebay. There was a lady that had her botique on there. They were $35 and looked identical to the styles of the dresses at the bridal shops for well over $100!!!! I made their flower girl baskets also. The 2 smallest flower girls wore white sparkly shoes. I couldnt find them in the oldest girls size though, so she just wore white shoes. My Ring bearer was my cousin Houstan, although he didnt participate in the wedding...lol. He got his picture taken and that was about it. He saw all the people there and he clung to his dad! They were trying to get him to walk down and I said its ok....if he doesnt want to thats fine! He was so shy! Not anymore, thats for sure!

A little piece of usless information for you. I was married again on June 5th. When Bobby and I went to the court house to get the marraige liscense I didnt think to tell them I was getting married out of state. I didnt think it mattered and they didnt ask. How was I supposed to know? Anyway we found out our marraige wasnt "legal" So we had the pastor come to Bobbys moms house and we did another little ceremony...lol. I was upset about it because Bobby and I were virgins when we got married. But I believe in the eyes of god the marraige was legal! It just wansnt on paper. So on paper my wedding anniversary is June 5th.


tammy said...

wow i cried watching that again..so much has happened since then
ps anna was like "remember i didnt want my pic taken" and then she was on the screen on the floor.....oh what beautiful memories!