Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My silly girl

Yesterday Bobby was changing Ryleighs diaper. He took the diaper and was fanning her butt with it and she starting laughing so hard!!! Here is a video of it. This video was taken after he put the diaper on....I didnt want a naked video of her going around the

Since she is 6 mo. now I started giving her a sippy cup. She doesnt really know what to do with it yet. She throws it around, and chews on the handle of it. Every once in a while she will get the spout in her mouth and get a little juice out of it. Here are some pictures of her first sippy cup experience.

What do I do with this mommy?

Oh ok....let me try now

This is what you want me to do?

Bobby brought home a pool for Ryleigh yesterday. Its just a little baby pool for her, but its neat, because the bottom blowes up too, so its soft for her. Anyway here are some pics of her in the pool today


Teresa said...

That is soooo funny!! So cute. She totally reminds me of Tyler. He looks a bit bigger than she does though. Your husband is so funny! Aren't babies so fun?!

Laura McIntyre said...

Great Pictures, Rhileigh is just so cute. Is't it funny how they laugh at the sillyiest of things?

Jeri said...

ROTFLMAO. that is so funny.