Friday, July 6, 2007


Bobby and I were sitting on the floor playing with Ryleigh. We could hear the dogs barking, but didnt think much of it, since its nothing new. After a few min, I saw Chopper at the door, but Harley was still barking. I got up and looked out the back window and saw Harley intently barking at something. I fot my flip flops on and walked out to him. I couldnt see anything, so I walked down the back steps to the yard and looked up and saw this....(this pic was taken after I went back into the house)

I Yelled "BOBBY" and then Yelled at the dogs to get in the house now, and took off running for the house to get Bobby and the camera. I ran in the door and yelled "Theres a big snake outside" We got tennis shoes on and went running back out the door and got the rake and the shovel. We had the rake blocking the steps so he couldnt get back under there. Bobby kept smaking him with the shovel, but missing because he was too close to the wall and under the deck, so we couldnt get a good shot. He took the rack and flung him into the grass and the snake took off. After a few smakes to the body and head he stopped moving. Then we went and got the tape measure and measured him. He was almost 5 feet long! Here are some pictures:

Harley saved the day and alerted us to the problem. WTG HARLEY! Bobby saved the day for killing the snake! Im still scared now to take Ryleigh out back to where her swing is. :(
Bobby Posing with his kill! WTG BOBBY! LOL


BreadBox said...

Hello, Michele sent me!
Do you know what sort of snake it was?


Carmi said...

Ew! I'm thankful that I live in a part of the world that doesn't seem to have all that many really dangerous animals.

Of course, with global warming and all, it's probably only a matter of time before the nasties migrate here.

I think I'll live in a concrete box, thank you.


I'm glad that Bobby was there to save the day. Great style on that last pic, too!

Laura McIntyre said...

How scary, glad you guys are all ok. Thats one of the best things about Scotland - no snakes or scary spiders.

gautami said...

Did you think it was poisonous? Most snakes are harmless.

Humor Girl said...

Dear lord!!! I would cry I think...

Here from Michele.

Mandy Jo said...

How scary!

utenzi said...

Neat snake. You've probably got lots of them around but they're quiet critters--they avoid being seen and hide when they feel vibrations in the ground. Hopefully you won't be bothered by any others, Tiffany.