Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Directions are placed on the back of boxes, bags and packages. Why is it that Bobby doesnt want to use them. To me it just seems simple. It tells you what temp the oven needs to be set at. What to add to whatevers in the box/bag, and how long to cook it. Why would you not use it? And why is it always a fight in my house because he doesnt. He insists on not using it. Last night he messed up Kool-aid!!! I didnt think that was possible! I tasted it and it was really sweet. Here was the conversation
Me: Did you add more than a cup of sugar?
Bobby: No
Me: Did you measure the sugar?
Bobby: No
Me: than how do you know how much you added if you didnt measure it?
Bobby: I looked at it and it wasnt that much. Maybe I just didnt add enough water.
Me: Thats why there are directions on the package.
Bobby: I dont need them
Me: Well obviously you do, because the kool aid is nasty
Bobby: It tastes fine

Even when hes using the oven or stove, he never read the directions. He will set the oven at whatever temp he feels like it. And just keep checking it periotically. WHY?? Isnt it much simpler to set the temp and set the timer and it will ding when its done! He tells me "Well why do you let the directions rule your life" Its not that they rule my life, they just WORK. Why do I want to guess and have to run back into the kitchen to see if its done all the time. So does anyone else have this problem? Do you use the directions?


Laura McIntyre said...

I always try to follow the recipe (except i always leave out salt , not just for the kids but because i cannot stand it) , DH likes to add more herbs and spices - sometimes to much

Mandy Jo said...

John tells me I make it wrong all the time! I follow the directions and he thinks taht is where I make my mistake! MEN....