Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leon's Great Adventure's

When I was on the phone the other day with Beverly she was going through some of her old photos. I found an old book that I wrote in 1990 when I was 9. I thought I would share it with you.

Leon's Great Adventure's

Written By: Tiffany

Illustrated By: Tiffany

Hi, My name is Leon and I like to eat people. I blow my pipe and everyone comes to me. I get mad if they dont hear it. I am a monster riding down the highway on a neon skateboard with a speed demon on it. If I stab people with my spikes they will turn into monsters. They will be one of me and do what I do. We split up the people and eat them whole. Let me tell you about the time I took over the world. We had so much fun. We had the biggest party ever. It was in Pennsylvania with five friends shopping. We walked into Baskin Robbins and took all the ice cream to the cave and had a big party. We then went back into the mall and turned all the people into baby monsters. We went to N.A.S.A place the baby monsters on a space ship and shuttled them to mars. Didnt I tell you that being a monster is wonderful? If I visit your community dont run, dont hide because being a monster is great! The End
I know your laughing....I was 9! I was a big tomboy also. Now days if a kid wrote that, they would probally get them psychiatric help because they wrote about eating people and stabing


christinator said...

LOL! That is just too funny. I love it that the "biggest party ever" was 5 friends shopping. But you're right, these days social services would get called over a kid writing that kind of thing!

Linda said...

That's hilarious! You actually had a good imagination back then, too. You are very right about what they would do to you nowadays, though. Sad commentary on today, isn't it?

Michele sent me!

kenju said...

Tiffany, that book is precious and I hope you keep it forever. You may not believe it, but I had a recurring dream of a monster who lived in our basement, and had a mouth in his belly! I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about that? LOL

I am from Charleston. Where are you in WV? Thanks for visiting my blog.

SzélsőFa said...

you were, and still probably are, creative. If you were my kid at age 9, I would encourage you to go writing further on.
I would never send a kid to some pschycho just because s/he writes about monsters. That's fantasy and vivied imagination - not sickness at all.

Michele sent me.

Heidi said...

Too funny. Was Leon's mouth on his tummy? SOunds like you were quite creative. I was 10 in 1990 and if I remember correctly neon was extremely IN. So, having a monster that loved neon is just classic. Brings me back to when I wore neon socks and big neon hair scrunchies. Gotta love the 90's!


Here from Micheles!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Don't worry, I thought it was a great story and I'm fine, right? Right?

gautami tripathy said...

At 9, we do have vivid imaginations but how many of us put it on paper? I used to write comics. And my mom has kept one of those.

Michele too would like your post but she sent me instead to duly admire.

Laura McIntyre said...

How funny, i think you have a talent their girl

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's great, Tiffany! It shows what vivid imaginations we have when young.

Mandy Jo said...

That is hilarious!