Monday, July 30, 2007

My Moms Company Picnic/Best Shot Monday

Saturday Me, Bobby and Ryleigh went to my moms company picnic. We ate some good food, and mingled with some of her co-workers. Then we let Ryleigh play at the playground. She was swinging on the swing and went down the slide. Her new thing with the swings is to sit clear up at the front of the swing to where she is almost hanging out of And she moves her legs like shes running. Shes so silly!

After that we took a paddle boat ride. She had to wear a life vest, which was tooooo funny! She sat there in her big life vest and didnt fuss at all. Even though she couldnt move at all in it.
After that we went to the zoo to ride the train. The conductor has an Ostrich Egg. It was 5lbs! He let my mom hold it while we rode the train. We took good care of "Henrietta".

After that Me, Bobby, Ryleigh, Tammy and Anna went to the pool. Boy was it COLD! Anna jumped right in and was fine. I was standing on my tip toes while everything below my waist went numb! Bobby sat on the edge of the pool and handed Ryleigh to me.
She didnt care that the water was cold either. Then I noticed her bottom lip was turning purple and it was quivering, so Bobby got a towel and held her on the side of the pool. I got out a few mins after that. Anna stayed in and showed us all of her


Cari said...

Oh! What a cutie. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure!

christinator said...

What a full day! Picnic, paddleboat, zoo train, swimming - wow, what fun!

Laura McIntyre said...

What a busy day you guys had, i just love all the shots. I love how you dress Ryleigh she always looks like such a girly girl and to dam pretty for words.