Monday, July 9, 2007

Shoe Test

I went to the mall yesterday with my mom. Ryleigh had on her little spongy shoes...I dont know what they are called. The name brand of the expensive ones are Crocs. She kept putting her foot on the tray of the stroller and when she would slide it back down, the shoe would fall off. So I took the one shoe and put it under the stroller in the basket. You wouldnt believe how many people looked and clearly saw she had only one shoe and didnt say anything to me about it. I did have 4 people that said "shes missing a shoe" I would tell them it was under the stroller and thank them for letting me know. One lady passed me and her little girl whispered "Mommy she only has one shoe" The moms reply "Yep honey they probally lost the other one." Ive always said something to the parent if I noticed there was only one shoe. At least theres some nice people left in the world.


Mandy Jo said...

I will have to give the shoe test a try. First I suppose I should wait until Jacob's fat feet fit into shoes!

Crazy Irish SAHM said...

where did you find those shoes in her size? I got gabe a pair but can't find any in shelbys size.

Laura McIntyre said...

Its funny but im almost the other way, i find that every person i pass points out thats she is missing a shoe and it starts to get on my nerves (okay maybe i mean) . If one shoe is not staying on i just take both of these day as it saves the hassle