Monday, July 2, 2007

Totally Discusting!

Sometimes I wonder what the heck parents are doing these days when their teenagers are out acting like hooligans! (is that a word?) Anyway last week I called my mom to go to lunch on her break. I was early so I was sitting in the parking lot letting Ryleigh sleep some more. We were in a big Plaza and at the end of it is a Unemployment office. There was a boy/young man, about 16-17 yrs) that walked out of the office with his girlfriend, im assuming. He was headed toward the mini van that was parked right in front of me. Before he got into the Van he put his finger on one nostral, to plug it up, and blew the other nostral. Im not even kidding or exaggerating when I say the next part! There was bright green snot hanging at least a foot and a half out of his nose! He thinks its funny and starts swaying his head back and forth making the snot sway and laughing! I looked away because I wasnt even giving him the time of day to know that I was looking and was discusted! I knew thats what he wanted was to me to get out and go off and I wasnt giving him that satisfaction. Parents need to be more aware of what there kids are doing! It looked like his grandparents were driving the mini van and no one said anything to him! She gave him a napkin! I was thinking WTF!?

I understand you cant be with them 24/7, but you would think by that age you would have taught them not to act like that in public.


Mandy Jo said...

Eew, that is gross. John was a pig before I met I whipped him into shape!

Teresa said...

Okay, now I"m convulsing out of disgust. That is so beyond disgusting! Yeah, at that age (how about beyond 5-6 years old) you should for sure know not to blow snot out your nose and swing it around. That is so gross!

Laura McIntyre said...

Totally gross, at first i was going to say that don't blame the parents as some kids are just horrible when there not around but to find adults were watching that and said NOTHING. Yuck