Monday, September 3, 2007


Seems as though my site gets a lot more traffic than I thought! Kind of scary really. Seems as though I also have a great deal of lurkers. My page got 140 hits this weekend. Most of the hits were from the US and Canada, but I did have some from the UK, Australia, Greece, The Philippines and New Zealand. The average time spent on my site is 6 min. Most people found me from a search engine most likely by googling Kalebs name. I get a lot of hate mail from that one. Only 25% were from direct traffic, and 13% were from referring sites. So thanks to those who have me on their blog rolls. 1 Person went through my entire blog which is somewhat disturbing! A couple of others read quite a few pages of it. Every heard of a comment button? Anyway I will continue to check the stats. This has definitly opened up my eyes. I will have to be more careful as to what I post, expecially pictures.


Laura McIntyre said...

Where did you get your information from Tiffany?

When i find a new blog i do tend to read back posts, just to get to know the person more. Im strang ei know

Kimberly said...

Hmm, how did you get this info? I'd be interested to find the same about my site.