Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bon Fire

On Sunday we had a little bon fire. Me, Bobby, Ryleigh, Rona (Sis), Brian (her b/f), My mom, Dad and the boys (dogs). It was fun, we stuffed ourselves full of marshmallows and talked. What could be better? Chopper was trying to catch the sparks that came out of the fire. After a while he was getting braver and braver and I was scared he was going to jump in the fire, so I had to put him in the house. Harley was a little cuddle bug and went from one person to the next getting some lovin. Here are some pictures of my parents, Bobby and Ryleigh. By the time Rona and Brian got there it was just too dark for decent pictures.

My Mom and Ryleigh


My dad, mom and Ryleigh. Chopper is in the corner of the pic eyeballing up those marshmallows...lol


Laura McIntyre said...

How fun, was it for a reason or just a little family get together? I love Ryleighs hair and the joggin suit - adorable

Mandy Jo said...

Sounds like a nice evening. Too cute about chopper trying to catch the sparks.

BreadBox said...

I have to say that Ryleigh is turning out to be an extraordinarily good looking little child!
Enjoy the next few years:-) and I'll keep you posted on what's to come three years down the pike!
Michele sent me,