Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ryleigh Update

Ryleigh had an evaluation today w/ birth-3. The lady seems to think she has a sensory problem. Shes not 100% sure though. She doesnt think anything developmentally is wrong which is good. She was just concerned that she was standing and now refuses. We put shoes on her and she did better with the shoes on, but still wouldnt really stand unless we tricked her into standing. (The lady was siting on the floor and had Ryleigh stradling her leg. She would slowly raise her leg untill Ryleigh was standing. As soon as Ryleigh realized it she would pull her legs off the floor though)After the evaluation, she said that she thinks Ryleigh will qualify for their services and that she would be coming once a week. Her 2nd evaluation (different lady) is Tuesday at 930am. After that we will have a meeting with the Birth -3 intake coordinator, me and the 2 ladies that evaluated her. We will discuss what the findings were and what we think we should do.


Laura McIntyre said...

Was she happy with her crawling now? Not sure i have heard of a sensory problem before but hopefully pt will help.