Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Update on Life

Well, after calling Dr. Tellers (neurologist) office 4 times in the past 7 WEEKS, he finally called me back. I was so mad that if he didnt call today I was going to camp out in his office untill he did talk to me tomorrow! That is just insane. Anyway, after reviewing me MRI from last year again, he couldnt really find a reason why I was having so much pain. So at 9:55pm on Saturday night I go for another MRI. Bobby is going with me, and since Ryleigh will be in bed my mom will be coming over to the house to sit her while she sleeps and catch up on her computer time since hers is broken.
Tomorrow is Ryleighs evaluation with B-3, I hope all goes well. Im not that worried now, because shes making an effort to crawl. Hasnt quite got it yet, but shes on all 4's rocking. When she goes to move her knee her legs slide apart and she falls...lol. Its a start though.
Bobby is doing good. Not really much to report with him. Hes off with us today, so we are going to go outside for a little bit and hang out.
The Boys are doing good. Rotten as ever though. At night we have been putting them in the basement because its to hot with them laying on us. When its time for them to go downstairs Chopper gets this sad look on his face and starts walking in the opposite direction. Then when he descides that im going to get him he sits down, then flops on his side and rolls on his back to get some belly scratches. LOL. Hes so funny! I will have to get that on video and share it.


Kimberly said...

It's GREAT that Ryleigh is up on all fours trying to crawl. That's how Bryce started out, and he crawled backwards before he went forward. It was adorable to watch.

Has Ryleigh been to her appointment yet?