Monday, September 24, 2007

Today one year ago Part 1

One year ago today I was about 7 months pregnant. We moved from our old house to this one. We were blessed so much to be able to have a house like this. No, I didnt win the lottery but it sure did feel like it! In August 2005 a man came to the house and said he was buying the houses in the area for the coal company that was coming through. I looked at him and sayed this house isnt for sale! Its our home. It was a nice starter home. 3 bedrooms 2 baths and .5 acres of land. We had a tree swing in the back yard and the dog loved to run. They didnt know any other house. We had only lived there for a little over a year. I didnt want to move! We called my dad and told him to come over. Bobby and I were young and didnt want to get swindled. He explained everything to my dad then we asked the guy to step outside so we could discuss everything. My dad said everything seemed fine and that his buddy just went through the same thing. He came back in and said that we would sign a 1 year option agreement. That ment they had 1 year to decide if they still wanted our house. He said here is a check for $___ just for signing with me right now. At 6 mo. we will give you another check for the same amt. in 6 more months if we decide not to buy you keep the money. If we do, then the money we gave you comes of the total price. He offered us almost 4x what we paid for the house! 6 months later we got a certified letter with another check enclosed. then 6 months later we got a call from a lawyer saying they wanted to buy and Bobby and I needed to come and sign the house over at our convienance. We had 1 month to sign it over and 2 months after that to move. Yikes...we needed to find a house and fast! Luckaly we found one and less than 30 days later we closed on it. We were able to pay off 2 cars, get Bobbys credit in order and buy this house with a very small mortgage. So 1 year ago today Bobby, my dad, my dads friend and BIL were packing trucks and going to our new home. I got to put everything away since I couldnt life any boxes or anything. We got all the furniture in the right places and got the kitchen set up and called it a day. We were SOOOOO Happy to have this house. It is 3 bedrooms (a little smaller than the old house) 1 full bath and 1 half bath. But the best part is we had a basement with a recroom, 1 car attached garage, 1 car detached over sized garage w/work bench and an attic over it, and a car port. We also have a deck and a 1.5 acre yard! Best part we were in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors. Our life took a tur for the best! So we thought...Stay tuned for tomorrows part 2


Christina said...

wow, that's like a story out of the movies! 4X the value of the house? I definitely would have taken it...I can find another place to call home for that kind of money. :o) that's awesome.

Laura McIntyre said...

Thats crazy, must of been sad to move but how great you made so much from the house. Porperty prices are crazy here just now and my flat it worth about £40,000 ($80,000) that what we paid for it and its only been 3 years.