Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hunter's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Hunters 2nd Birthday party (My Nephew). I cant believe hes 2 already! That can only mean that Ryleigh is going to be 1 all too soon :(. We had fun. Hunter had a great time getting all his presents. Expecially the toys! He could have cared less about the clothes, but what 2 yr old prefers clothes over Ryleigh had her first taste of Cheesy Potatos and my oh my did she LOVE them!

This is Hunter with his favorite toy. He kept coming over to me and cutting my arm off. I would fall to the ground moaning in pain, and he would laugh. I would sit up and we would do it all over again. When i said it was my turn to cut him he looked at me with HUGE eyes and said no no and ran He cracks me up!

This is Ryleigh testing out the cars making sure they were OK for Hunter to play


kenju said...

A chain saw????

What will the toy makers think of next? Michele wants to know too.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

"Please, Santa, can I have a chainsaw for Christmas."

Michele sends me here.

PI said...

Happy birthday Hunter! Thank you for visiting Tiffany and I'm sorry my comment box has been behaving oddly. You have two lovely children.

Laura McIntyre said...

Happy Birthday Hunter, 2 year olds can play the best games - Rebecca loves to turn out bedroom fan on and we all have to pretend to be blown away.

They shoes Ryleigh have on are just about the most adorable things i have ever seen, i have never seen anything like them around here . little ruby slipers