Thursday, June 28, 2007

All about Ryleigh

She will be 7 months tomorrow! She is 16lbs and 27" long. (I think they measured her wrong though because she was 27" a month ago). Shes wearing anywhere between 6-9mo, and 12mo clothing, size 2 diaper, and size 1 shoe....still! She has her entire closet lined with shoes, mainly size 2 summery shoes that she cant fit into yet! Ugh. She can sit up, not totally on her own yet, but its getting there. She can roll both ways now. Shes been eating some table foods like, things that are soft and I dont have to worry if she swollows it whole. Shes got the dropping game down She will drop it and then give me this puppy dog look like "but mom if you give it to me I promis I woulnt do it again" LOL. She love to play with "adult things" like remotes, paper and keys (eww gross). She can switch things from one and to the other, reach to pick something up, put weight on her legs when standing, Copy some sounds, and feed her self finger foods. Shes come along way from just eating, sleeping and I love watching her grow and learn all of these new things. Im SOOO happy and so blessed to be able to be a SAHM and watch her as she learns all of these new things. Oh, I almost forgot her most important Milestone! She looked right at me the other day and said Mum. Then a few mins later looked at me and said Ma.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning before Running our errands. Shes just too darn cute for words!


Mandy Jo said...

She is just too cute and such a peanut, can you believe she is going to be 7 months? I remember last summer all of us being pregnant together.

~Cathy~ said...

Sounds like she's doing great! She's definitely a cutie pie!!

Laura McIntyre said...

She is just adorable, she looks like really to darn cute. Almost as cute as my Eils :)
My kids have small feet two , Eils is still 1st size to and Rebecca is a size 4 - the sizes work diffrently over here but Eilidh still wares 0-3 months shoes and Rebecca in 3-6 or 6-9 month.
Thats funny she is still in size 3 diapers, Eilidh was in size 3 about one month old and been in size 4s for months (as the 3s were leaking) and she is only a couple of oz heavier than Ryleigh.