Thursday, June 28, 2007

The case of the missing hat

About 5+ year ago when Bobby and I were dating he got this winter hat. It was one of thos big fuzzy ones that had the ear flaps. I admit, I HATED that hat. I always told him that he couldnt wear it around me, because it embarassed Not long after he got it, it disappeared. I didnt take it, and I have NO IDEA what happened to the stupid hat. I do admit that Iwas overjoyed to hear that is vanished. To this day everyone blames me for the disapearance of that dumb hat! I have sworn on the holy bible and everything and no one believes me. It probally doesnt help that every time the subject comes up I burst into laughter. I cant help it though. I do seem like the guilty one. But I didnt do it....I swear! Anyway, the subject came up tonight at dinner so I thought I would write about it.


Mandy Jo said...

I know the feeling, John has a hat from college that I can't stand. And whenever it goes missing I get blamed!

Laura McIntyre said...

How funny, we have a case of the missing slipper. When DH and i first moved in together he had these horrible leather slippers , they looked like ones my granfather wore and i hated them. One disappeared one day and he has never beleive that i did't do something to it. I have no idea what happened to it.