Friday, June 22, 2007

Ryleighs first time at the Good Zoo (Lots of Pics)

I more or less went so I could socialize with grown During the summer M.O.P.S is meeting all over wheeling so the kids can get out and have some fun. We met there at 9:45 am to get everyone rounded up. There were a lot of new faces today. First we went through the inside part of the zoo. Here are some of the things we saw:

This is a Rock something....on the board it said that its the closest relative to the elephant!? (Hes in the middle of the picture climbing in the rocks)

Big snake...YUCK

Funny looking bird

Frog...I thought he was cool looking

Then we went outside and bought our tickets to ride the train. Ryleigh did really well on the train. There was alot of squeeking and banging noises and she just sat there on my lap! I was so proud of her!! Here are some pics of the Train ride:
Ryleigh Eating our ticket



Train conductor

Then we went up the hill to see the bears and Otters, then to the park. There werent any baby swings so I just fed her some lunch. Here is the bear and otters.

Very UGLY bear


This is a Lorikeet. Its such a pretty bird!

After that there were the foxes, Ocelot and some others, but they werent that great. Then it
was off to the wetlands to see the ducks, turtles and funny looking swans (have no idea what they were I guess I should have paid more attention to the signs that tell you what the animals are)

There were 8 turtles on a log and the little one said roll over, roll (this is one of my favorite pictures from today. I think every turtle in the pond was on that log.

Ugly swan looking thing

After that was the barnyard animals. Pig, donkey, chickens, goats, Llama, Owl etc. Here is a pic of the Llama that I liked.


After that we had a picnic lunch and talked, then went home. I didnt get home till 1:30pm! That was the LONGEST I have ever been at the good zoo! The ones from wheeling know what im talking We had a great time. If you want to have a great time with me, the 2nd Friday in July we will be at Oglebay park. We meet at 930am Hope to see you there!


Paul Sveda said...

Love the zoo, not to mention it's the closest I will be getting to a safari any time soon. The turtle photo is great. What a fun find.



P.S. Here via Micheles

Pearl said...

What a big outting. Looks like a fun place to ramble. Like the ticket-eating and the reptile shots.