Friday, June 8, 2007

Physical Therapy is Over

I went for 3 weeks and it wasnt helping at all, so today he said to call the doctor and find out what plan "B" is. He said my range of motion is great and since im not constantly in alot of pain I wouldnt need surgery or anything, which is great news. My pain is in my lower back, and it just aches all day. In the morning and it night its the worst. My main problem is bending to pick things up.....mainly Ryleigh. I will call the Dr. on Monday. The goon news is I dont have to go to PT anymore and leave Ryleigh 3x a week for 2 hrs. I hated leaving her!!! I feel lost without her :(


Laura McIntyre said...

Sorry the PT is not working but thats good your not having to leave Rhileigh again. I hate leaving my kids and noone seems to understand that