Monday, June 18, 2007

Old Friend

Today I got together with an old friend. We met in 1st grade. I found her on myspace (or she found me...I cant remember) about 3-4 months ago. She came in last week to visit her family and we got together. The really cool part about it was.....our kids are 5 days apart! I thought that was neat. We went to wheeling park pool today and the kids did great! We all had so much fun hanging out, talking, and bragging about or kids :) Her son must have thought Ryleigh was a hottie, because he decided to give her a french kiss!!! We looked over and WOW! Neither one of us could get to the camera fast We didn't get pic of them swimming, but here are a few I think are cute...

Just hanging out

(Right after the kiss) Ryleigh says "Woah buddy, your moving too fast for me!"

He says "Now Ryleigh, your just so beautiful my darling!" LOL


Carly said...

Aw look at Ryleigh and her little boyfriend! So cute. She is adorable sitting up now!

Mr. Althouse said...

That's very cute. Funny how things end up sometimes.

Michele sent me,


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL Tiffany , i love the pictures and the comments. How did daddy react to babys first kiss?.
Thats so neat about your friend, will you guys be meeting up again